Lichoh Doidi 5714

A Chosson, is similar to a king, and a Kallah, to a queen.

The true Chosson is God and the true Kallah, is the Jewish people.

Whenever there is a connection between a giver and receiver: first there needs to be a general approach, before there can be an intimate approach.

The reason for this is, that the general approach elevates the receiver to the level of the giver, and then enables the more intimate giving.

Two examples are brought; one of a rabbi to his disciple, in the second, of a father playing with his little child.

It states that before the rabbi would talk he would tell a joke, and obviously before a father plays with his little child, he lifts him up.

In the dynamic of giver and receiver, there is always a fear in the receiver, so the first approach which is quite General, is one that opens the heart of the receiver.

In our general romantic approach.. or general approach, there is the greatness of a general pleasure, but in intimacy, even though this fun may not be felt, a deeper Union, which is the ultimate pleasure is created.

All of our thoughts emanate from the first thought that we think in the morning.

This is why our first thought and action, must be positive.

Then feminine energy, actually comes from a higher source in the Divine than the masculine, but as it falls into this world, it needs the masculine to manifest.

Through this, it Rises to its original state, Which is higher than the masculine.

The order of manifesting the higher feminine energy, is first the masculine, in a way that is higher than the feminine, must draw close to the feminine, and then through intimacy, based on the fact, that the feminine is actually higher, this manifests the higher feminine energy.

When the masculine, Manifests the feminine, this then draws the higher feminine energy into the masculine, and they are blessed with the Infinity of the Divine, as seen in the ability to have an infinite perpetuation.

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