I am extraordinary, really happy, like the man who shouted eureka, but without the need to run through the streets… for long has it occurred to me, that as studies show, everybody has been bullied, which is a very painful traumatic process, hence there must be an infinitely important reason! and I believe the reason is quite simple: that when we are born, the way we are actually made – for in essence we are psychological self-perceptions of grandeur, as I heard from my father, that the Previous Rebbe said and psychologists confirm, that the little child is the greatest narcissist that there is – as we see, that they’re so used to getting their way, they begin to throw Tantrums, so one stage of development is reducing the ego by not getting their way, as they’re so used to it – but in order to grow, not only do we have to go through the idea that we cannot get our way, but as we have this subconscious belief that, “The older people DO get their way,” and we have a hidden desire to be “older,” and then be also “King;” we need to be humiliated, and actually disassociate, in order to then truly become the individual – namely the Divine soul!- that we are

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