The Alter Rebbe – Yisroi – Quotes

The greatness of Avraham was that he was able to get out of the trap of the body, for when one thinks about how the entire universe is only like a object made by a craftsman, so if you hold the object you’re not holding the craftsman – yet when you connect to God and the Torah and his Commandments, you are connecting to God-Himself! and the only reason – though the Soul has this love, but as the body – particularly over time, being filled with attachment to lust and worse ego… so this prevents expression of the soul.

It is for this reason, that God – as very few people have the ability of Abraham, gave us the Torah – which projects us out of the mundane.

The Torah has the power to weaken the force of evil and allow the soul to shine.

One of the reasons for this ability is that God made it, that when we study Torah, God is saying the words with us.

This also explains the bizarre statement, that “just as when God gave the Torah there was tremendous awe and Dread, so too, whenever you study Torah,” for whenever you study Torah, as God is saying the words, it is exactly the same as when God gave the Ten-Commandments!

When you study Torah in such a manner, it empowers the soul and weakens the negative forces.

God created a system, that when we do a Mitzvah this draws down that energy from God.

When we do the entire intent of Torah, namely giving charity, to uplift those who lacking any means, unfortunately need assistance, this brings the entire Divine Essence to us.


Moshe yidaber

There are two viewpoints, From Below to above, and above to below, namely, from below, we see our reality as real and higher amorphous, and from above, they see their reality as real and ours is only in truth an offshoot and completely dependent – while to God, both realities are not real – Through the study of Torah and performance of Mitzvahs, we Channel God, that in this world, instead of being false and attracted to falsehood, we are intimately connected to, and permeated with God-himself.

In every generation there is the Tzaddik of the generation, and just as the Shechinah, the Divine voice spoke through Moses, spoke to the Beis Yosef, speaks through him.

To the extent that we are humble when we study the Torah, is the extent that the Divine voice is the Torah we study.

69 b


Every revelation from God is like the letter Alef, it begins in the concealment, that God must restrict himself and travel through the Vov of the line to then come to the concealed Dimension – relative to the revealed.

69 c


When God made the world and he made the good inclination, he said, “this is good,” when he made the evil inclination, which leads one to do evil, but then to regret it, for the whole world was made for the “Baal Teshuvah,” he said “this is very very good”


The greatness of the giving of the Torah, was that God Himself enabled us, that our study of Torah and performance of Mitzvos would manifest the infinite.

The Reason God made the world, is because of the love that we have for him, in the darkness, in the abyss, in the loneliness, in the aimlessness, in the meaninglessness of this universe, compensates for the temporary separation.

72 a

Just as the poor person Waits with eager breath, without batting an eyelash, maybe the wealthy person will have mercy and give me some money… so must we await the time, that in the Messianic era, eye-to-eye we will see God.


The idea that the Jews said Naaseh Vinishmah – “we will listen, and we will hear” because ultimately, if there’s something that you wish to hear, you will refrain your other abilities, such a sight, smell, just to focus.

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