Basi Ligani 5713

Through this that the Tzaddikim achieve the drawing down of the Shechinah, in themselves, and in the generation, they cause it.

Furthermore, they don’t cause the low level, but the infinite level to manifest.

Torah and Mitzvos are the middle of the road, then there is “under,” which is the passion for foolishness, then there is “over,” which is the passion for Holiness, and when the passion for foolishness is strong, in order to counteract it, there must be a passion for holiness.

2. The nature of a Jew is to never sin as he has a pure Soul, it is only that the spirit of foolishness such as licentiousness, (and when we have a desire, we justify it) enters, but if we realize…, even a mosquito doesn’t go against the will of God, for it’s merely performing it’s innate Mission, then why would a Jew be any less?!


The reason no Jew you ever desires to sin, is because the Jewish soul, its Essence, is what it states in Kabbalah, that there is a small spark of God that goes into a spark of a creation, and they are unified into one and called Oneness.


To the extent that you desire any of the pleasures of this world is the extent that your Soul’s desire for Spiritual Bliss is weakened.

Of-course this means not, that we should deny the body food or sleep or anything like that, rather, we should use the body in a healthy way for good things.

It is also known, what the Maagid says, that a small hole in the body, causes a big hole in the soul.

The reason physical pleasures and indulgence is stupid, is firstly many of them cause later diseases and illnesses, and secondly the way there is pleasure in physical things, because everything begins in God, and there is great Bliss in spirituality, but there are angels that are called Karvayim which in Hebrew means the kidneys, and they literally take the dumplings of spiritual pleasure, and they are the excrement that turns into physical Pleasures – additionally by indulging, and knowing that we weaken our greater sense of pleasure, namely, in spiritual matters, this is a very great stupidity.


The reason we are willing to sin, is though no Jew would ever sever his connection to God, even on pain of death, as we’ve seen Millions (willingly gave up their life instead of forced conversion), but because we don’t integrate the fact, that any sin is a separation from God, just as, if anytime I ask you to do something, and you say NO, that causes separation.

In order to compensate from the tremendous stupidity and foolish Pursuits we’ve been into, we have to become that passionate about God and Truth.

You must have an unconditional-love for all people, and this is the way of Aharon Hakohen, and furthermore this love was given to us by the Rebbe’s, for even though we must strive on our own, but as our souls come from the Rebbe of the generation, therefore they help us out, by jump starting the process.

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