I heard from any Iranian, the real reason Iran’s refine hates Israel, is because they believe, it seems correctly so… that if Israel is a state (which is irrespective of the technicality, if they did or they didn’t God forbid wipe it out) because the fact is as God controls the world, and then he returned the Jews as He promised in the Bible, and ironically, as mentioned in the quran will happen… Before the Messianic era the Jews would return to Israel – so if it’s true that Islam is untrue based on this as the Iranians think; then perhaps, as the greatest proof of it all, from The Prophet’s own words, that if there’s a contradiction in the Quran, THAN The Entire Book Is False! and anybody who doesn’t think there’s a contradiction in the Koran – if nothing else, a difference between his earlier statement “there’s no coercion in religion”, to Jihad – which if you can’t see the difference between those two, then obviously you’re just willfully blind


Basi Ligani Quotes

In the beginning, when God made the world, his main presence was down Below.

The light of God only exists in order for it to descend into man and the world.

The light that was present in this world began to jump Beyond it, due to the sins of man, beginning with the sin of the eating the forbidden fruit, and through the 7 righteous Tzaddikim from Abraham to Moses – particularly Moses, whose the seventh from Abraham, and all 7ths are special – this light descended completely and we are the 7th generation. Therefore, whether we like it or not, we were chosen to manifest, like Moses did, this light for eternity.

This of-course is the whole intent why God created the world.

The entire purpose of the world is to take our foolish passion for its false delights, and place that passion in the true Delights of Divine grace.

In order for us to have Divinity within us, it’s not enough that we study, we must bring others to the point that their appreciation of God is Not only that they know that God runs the world, but that God is the very essence of matter.

When Moshiach comes, the Divinity that will permeate this world, caused by our actions throughout the 6,000 years of Exile, will be infinitely greater than the Divinity which was originally present.