I’m actually mostly embarrassed, at the simple stupidity, but to not reveal the truth is to perpetuate – the fact is, that we are of-course, as both Kabbalah and science teach, nothing less nor nothing more than self-perception – and evil is only when in my self-perception, due to my ego, I believe I am better than others -then conversely I see anyone… which is why anti-Semitism is against Jews and currently against Americans, for anyone that is truly good, I see as taking away “My CLAIM To Fame”


Mamer Alter Rebbe



61 a

When God seeks to makes his name known, he places Jews around the world.

Every single time we turn our heart away from the foolish pleasures of this world, to the sublime Bliss of Love of God, Torah, and Fellow Jew, we bring the whole world closer to God.

Just as a seed cannot plant itself, grow, and multiply, through its own offsprings, until the outer-husk will a shed, so too, each of us.

We do this by contemplating how disastrous is the fate of the Divine Soul, plucked from part of God, into our filth Driven body.

This practice is done on a nightly basis, by Tikkun Chatzois.

The deeper reason why the Temple was destroyed – so we can achieve the light, which particularly is enhanced by Darkness.

The difference between the joy of Judaism, and the joy of insanity, is that the former rejoices in God.

True joy in God must be prefaced by true humility – to do His will.

This is what our sages say – If you wish to accept upon yourself the obligation of God, you should wash your hands, put the Taalis over you, and put on Tefillin.

Just as the Tallis envelops us, so does the light of all Mitzvahs that we do.

In order to connect with Hashem, we must recall all the wasted time – where instead of being connected to God, we were involved in foolishness, and then in this desire to connect to God, we will reunite.



The ultimate intent, is that the God which is beyond us, which in the Messianic era becomes US, in other words, becomes revealed within us, and this, as all Revelation, as opposed to concealment, causes Joy.



In a single thought, God created everything that ever has, is and will be.

To God all our accomplishments are obviously nothing, it is only our absolute awe at his granduer, which makes us humble, that is everything.

63 c


Just as a horse can take the rider to places it can’t go, the words of Davening themselves, can take the soul to Great Heights.

Just as the words of Torah and prayer can take the soul to Great Heights, as the realm of evil is an inverted mirror of Holiness – speaking words of foolishness, and God-forbid words of hate, maliciousness, anger, cause the soul to descend to Great depths.

In every generation, every day we must leave Egypt, which is the limitations and the preoccupation with the stupidity of the common culture, and the way we do this is through sacrificing yourself for God – but how do I come to the sacrifice, and hence we read before the sacrifice, the songs of praise, which speak about how all the angels – and one must be aware that there are an infinite number!!! as opposed to below, where there is finite beings – there are infinite souls and Angels Above! and yet all of that is only a little Ray, compared to the true Infinity of God!!

By having this love for God and saying the holy letters, this draws God’s love back in a reciprocal way.

The way God set up the world – Just like a horse can take a human much further than he can go alone – is, that every Mitzvah / commandment of God manifests – for example, when you do charity, it manifests compassion from God; when you beat your own anger, it manifests God’s strength, to remove evil.



The reason there are arguments, is because when someone’s emotions are strong, they can only handle themselves (their viewpoint); on the flip-side, when somebody is intelligent, because the brain can handle contradictory opinions, as it looks at all from an intellectual perspective… therefore those people that are humble – for emotions are activated through lack of opposing force, and therefore particularly those who believe in God – keeping themselves humble, allows the mind, and therefore Unity to ensue.