The Rebbe’s Mammer – mystical insights

Shuva – 5736

Teshuvah has the ability to take somebody from the lowest to the highest, because the tremendous, either regret, or addiction towards what’s good, transforms the individual so very quickly.

As every Jew has the name Yisroel, which means that our soul is sourced in God, therefore, in our Essence we are perfect, and we can draw this Essence into our self, as soon as this becomes our desire.

Even somebody who hasn’t sinned, but realizing that as their Essence is God, so whatever they do, they forced God to do – so even not doing their best, and certainly even negative thoughts; so as the Zohar said, it’s like tying the king into a filthy Cesspool – realizing this one is motivated to completely transform themselves.

After one does Teshuvah, it is fundamental to say the WORDS of prayer and Torah, for in those letters, we connect completely with the Divine!