The Rebbe’s Mammer – mystical insights


6 Tishrei -5748

Even if you approach the same prayer A Thousand Years, you must do it as if it was the first time.

By understanding that even what seems to be natural, is only a repetitive miracle that has been recreated, exactly as amazingly in its first instance, you can get the power that every moment of life, you treat as the only.

The greatness of man is the ability to manifest within the time space Dimension, God.

It is up to man to desire to do the will of God.

When man desires to do the will of God, as God desires to guide man, the two manifestly unify.

When we are connected to the Divine, we become unlimited like the Divine.

Whatever Moshe and the Moshe Rabeinu of the generation creates, last ETERNALLY.

Within is all, there is Moshe Rabeinu, that can manifest through our entire being, and the Holy of Holies, and therefore, we have the ability to connect the infinite, in the finite.

On Shabbos this essential Divinity within, spreads throughout us.

Every Shabbos is similar to the Messianic era.

The whole goal is for every individual, like the Holy-Temple to become a home for God.

As you become one with God, not only is your spirituality perfect, but so too the physical.