The Rebbe’s Mammer – mystical insights


6 Tishrei 5740

The Talmud writes, the simpler we are, the more accurate.

The reason for this is, because every time we have a desire, the desire controls our logic (like you control the processor.)

Chassidus teaches, not only must we have no negative desires – which is obvious; but we should be so simple, we have no positive desires.

We must be humble like the simple Shofar, that bends towards whatever is the will of God.

Every Rosh Hashanah a New Light, never before, comes to give life to the universe.

This comes about, through the Jews blowing the Shofar.

Each person is God’s other half, because our soul which is the essence of God, is the same Soul which comes into us.

The entire goal of all the universes is for our universe; and which when we Bend ourselves to the will of God, God manifests Himself internally, intimately, and eternally.

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