The Rebbe’s Mammer – Mystical teaching


Rosh-Hashanah 5752 (kuntres)

God will blow the great shofar of Moshiach, which has already begun, which will, namely, awaken the inner desire of every Jew, to reconnect to the soul source.

Even someone who does Judaism – through realizing, that relative to the Infinite greatness, Loving-kindness, Dedication of God – whatever they do, is effectively, relatively speaking, sins; They can awaken their own Inner Essence.

Even when in reciprocation for our essential love, God’s Essence is returned; we must always recall, that if it was not for God’s kindness, and blowing the great Messianic Shofar, we would still be in the depths of our own Darkness.


The Rebbe’s Maamer – Mystical teaching

Yivchar Lanu – kuntres R”h 5751

Within us all is the Beis Hamikdosh, for just as the Holy of Holies contained the essence of God, so too does the essence of our soul.

When the Jewish people blow the Shofar, God goes from the seat of Justice, to the seat of compassion.

When, like the Shofar’s cry, we touch the essence of our soul, this touches the essence of our Father.

The ultimate goal of Rosh Hashana, is the revelation of the Divine soul.