Alter Rebbe Vaira

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The concept of the crashing of the lights of the world of Tohu, is that though the world consistently receives the Divine energy, but because the Kelipos conceal, the light, therefore the miracles which occurred to the Egyptians, revealed, that in fact, all of nature is only a Divine concealment.

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The Entire Heaven and Earth are only two letters, in other words, as God is infinite, so in his vision, in a single moment, in a single thought, in a single sight, he creates from the beginning of time, he can see and conceive everything that ever has, is and was, and the only truth of where God wishes to be, is within the Torah and Mitzvos and within the Jew or the person who seeks God.

Lihavin 58 b

To get from the mind to the emotions, we have to go through the neck.

The mind is where new emotions, such as love and awe of God can be born.

However these emotions compete with the instinctual loves, and desires for materialistic lusts or fears.

This is why every morning we wake up and we pray and then learn Torah to bring our emotions for God to be in a revealed state.


The Rebbe on Vayeira – Quotes


Before Moshe Rabeinu and Rebbe passed away, they cried, as they were sad that they could not continue Mitzvos.

Dovid Hamelech passed away on Shabbos, and he asked Hashem that he should pass away Erev Shabbos, and Hashem told him, “To me it is better, one day of your study of Torah, than a thousand korbanois that your son Shlomoh will offer.”

Just as in order to enter an infinitely better state, for example, from Adam, to Adam and Eve, there had to be an operation – in which he was put to sleep, in order to create Eve, which then manifested the ability of infinity, for through children we live on; so too, before every great Revelation, which is an entirely new connection with God – particularly, the revelation of Moshiach, where we will be infinitely intimately unified with God, there has to be a great suffering.

Now especially before Moshiach, when the new Torah, will be revealed; we have an obligation, to study Chassidus, all the time.

The fact that Yaakov continues to live, as his legacy, namely, Yiddeshkeit continues, proves – that his life is infinite.

When Moshiach comes, everything will reach its zenith.

Some people are energized in the beginning of a mission, and then when they succeed they want to retire or enjoy Moshiach; others continue to grow, but not with the same energy; but the ultimate, is to continuously grow with the same joy and energy as when you begin.

We’ve already completed the service of Exile, and we are completely ready for the resurrection of the Tzaddikim, who will lead us to Moshiach, immediately now.

5752 #1

Every single Jew has the capacity to, and therefore the obligation to reach the level of our forefathers.

The uniqueness of Matan Torah, namely, the ability for the spirit to enter the physical, began with the Mitzvah of Millah, of Avraham Avinu.

The ability to bridge an infinite Gap, namely between the Divine and the human, can obviously only come about through the power of infinity.

Abraham open the Gateway for his children subsequently, to have sacrifice, even to the point of giving their lives for God.

As God is infinite, He is unlimited not only to being infinitely greater than us, but can also be infinitely revealed to us.

Practical application:

We must completely dedicate ourselves (the Rebbe is speaking about the Previous Rebbe) to the wishes and directives and the model of the Rebbe.

Our entire goal must be to fulfill the main mission of the Rebbe which is to bring Moshiach now!

We should make Farbrengens on Shabbos Mevarchim Shevat and on Rosh Chodesh Shivat.

We should of-course prepare, for a massive Farbrengen for Yud Shvat, which certainly will be together with the Previous Rebbe and with Moshe and Aharon, and together we will go to the Beis Hamikdash.


The 3 forefathers of Chassidus, the Baal Shem Tov, the Maagid, and the Alter Rebbe, Correspond to the 3 forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and just as they revealed Godliness, leading up to the giving of the Torah, and then going into Israel; so too the forefathers of Chassidus, revealed the inner Torah, leading up to the Messianic revelation.

The revelation of God comes in stages.

The Mitzvos of the Torah descend into time and space, and therefore can change based on the time and space, for example when we have the Beis Hamikdash or not – however the study of Torah, is pure Divinity, and is always applicable.

When we refrain from doing a Mitzvah Loi Saseh / a Divine prohibition, we accomplished a Unity with God, just as when we are doing a Mitzvas Asei, a command mitzvah.

The Revelation to the Forefathers and even an individual Mitzvah, that descends into time and space, is always connected to the infinite, which combines Beyond time and space, and time and space.

Yaakov is called “The best of the forefathers,” because to a certain extent his Torah is 100% integrated with The Human Experience.

Just as our forefathers began the revelation of God, leading to Matan Torah, so too the forefathers of Chassidus began the revelation of the inner Dimension, leading to Moshiach.

The ultimate goal as achieved by the Alter Rebbe, is, that through the inner dimension of Chassidus, permeating within the mind, the physical becomes part of the infinite.

From the Alter Rebbe, the power of unifying each individual with God, so that becomes THEIR new nature, has been empowered.

As every Jew inherits completely the traits of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, therefore when we see something faulty in another, it is either due to the darkness of Exile that covers these traits in them, or can even be our own mirror image.

It is well known, that the foundation of Judaism, as the Baal Shem Tov, Maagid and Alter Rebbe taught, Ahavas Yisroel.

Every Jew is put in this world to shine the Divine Light, which is inherently and specifically through the study of Torah and Chassidus within him or her.

Particularly the Jews of Our Generation, demonstrate the eternity of God, that despite being like a coal plucked from the flame of the Holocaust, they’re such upright individuals, and they demonstrate Fidelity to all that God stands for.

God’s protective eye on the Jews, particularly the Jews of Israel, is as if He is protecting his Very Own Eyeball.

Seeing that God miraculously, through the Jewish Army gave us the lands of Yehudah and Shomroin, God-forbid to even think about giving such lands away.

In addition, hundreds of thousands of Russian Jews are immigrating from Russia, and we must have great compassion on them, that the Russian government denied them Jewish Education, and God-himself has great love for them, and we must help them grow in their Judaism.

We should undertake to study the works of the Alter Rebbe, The Shulchan Aruch and the Tanya, and may all the holy books of the Rebbes be published, as it’s the treasury of the Jewish people.


It is critical that “we live with the times” which means there’s always a spiritual Dynamic, which is in place; we see this Dynamic whether it is in the holidays, which have a spiritual message and energy, or in the Torah portion of that day and week.

Every part of the Torah, including the phat, remez, drush, soid – Simple, Hinting, Deeper lessons, Kabbalistic, all contributes to the final Halacha, and is the inheritence of every Jew.

The main thing in Torah is not what we are NOT meant to do, but what we are meant to do.

We have already completed all that is necessary and therefore we are about to enter into the Messianic Redemption.

The idea of Moshiach is that our dedication to God is such, that it permeates our three/four brains: chochmah, binah, daas (which includes chessed and gevurah).

As we completed the Torah, therefore we enter into the new Torah, of the Messianic times.

The entire goal of reality is allowing the super-Divine, entirely beyond our dimension of intellect (which is merely the assumptions within and of time-space soul) to become You.

As you are… in other words, God seeks you.

We are ready for Moshiach.

The giving of the Torah, was primarily for the revelation of the inner Torah, as Kabbalah teaches, the first premise is the Mitzvah / command “to know God,” which as the generations continued, primarily with the Ari Zal, then the Baal Shem Tov, then the Alter Rebbe, then the Rebbes up until the Previous Rebbe (and our Rebbe.)

The practical lesson:

As Golus ended, not only have we not lost faith, but if anything, our demand for Moshiach intensified, which we hasten through a. Believing more b. Spreading more Torah and Mitzvos and c. Especially spreading Chassidus.

The Rebbe gave a symbolic donation of $40.00 to every Chabad institution – and encouraged everyone, to hasten Moshiach, to give a donation in the number of 40.


On the 10th of Shvat, is the Yor Tzeit of the Previous Rebbe, and everything he stood for gets increasingly manifested, and as his name indicates, he stood for “converting” even a far Jew, into a close one.

Because we are the Descendants of a the Forefathers, just as God revealed Himself to them, He continues to reveal Himself to us, however we receive the benefit of all three of them: namely, from Avrohom, the power of love of God; from Yitzchok the power of fear of God; from Yaakov, the power of Torah.

In serving God there are those things that are consistent, such as daily prayer, study, perhaps work, family Etc. and those things that are unique, and Beyond being limited by time, and therefore come once in a while, and need to be done then.

The ultimate goal is the merging of these two, namely, where though on one hand there is consistency, on the other hand, that consistency is imbued with the novelty of continuous Divine revelation, affecting and elevating the past present and future.

This is similar to the idea of T’shuvah, for if the person repents out of love for God, then he instantaneously, not only changes his present and his future, but he elevates his entire past into goodness.

The goal is to be able to live every moment with the consciousness, that though it is part of every moment, past, present and future; nonetheless, by imbuing it with meaning, we Elevate the past, present and future.

Yud Shvat, the passing of the Previous Rebbe as it’s a Tzaddik’s Yor Tzeit, it brings down this concept, for on one hand, his soul is on a level beyond our reality, and yet it comes into our reality, and creates major positive benefits.

In essence, though we have to be able to create new projects going beyond the current, we have to ensure that they will be consistently implemented.

When Moshiach comes, we will see eye-to-eye, much greater than we saw at Matan Torah, Divinity.


Unless you can see with the 20/20 hindsight of History, and compared to the present, and based on that, understand what is necessary for the future; for example, for the past fourteen hundred years, Islam had a stated goal of World Domination, which today, at least radical Islam, which number is about half, believe simply in educating their children to blow themselves up, just to kill any “other;” including other version of Islam, then you have no ability to know the necessary steps to protect and Ensure the future