If you want to save someone’s life, Forward! – because suicide has become the leading cause of death amongst girls in a certain age range – and it all boils down to when we understand, that unlike the secular culture, that merely is using you, and worse, God-forbid, abusing – The Divine message, transferred through the Unparalleled Undisputed Prophet, Moses, who wrote the Bible, and it’s essential beginning is, that the creation of every Star, every Planet, every Moon, every Sun, every 🐝, every 🐦, every flower🌹- and now through science, we can say every atom, every cell, was only made, and continues to be brought into existence, as science and Kabbalah has taught – because the Divine Love For You, And The Belief That Eventually In The Seeking Of Truth, In The Opening Of Your Soul, like a thirsty man looking for an oasis in a desert, He Will Be Able To Guide, Help, and Allow For You To Make His World What It Was Intended To Begin With; and obviously as the first instruction to man and woman, is, Marry, Have Children, and as studies show, people who do so are the happiest