The Modern Bible 4

Chayei Sara

1. It is so interesting to note, that often the Bible will use as a title for an episode, speaking about the passing of a righteous person as, “The Life,” for example, this Torah portion begins “And the life of Sarah was…” For, a person who is passionate about truth, their soul remains eternally, alive.

2. The Bible uses an interesting language to denote the transfer of property from Efroin the Chitait to Abraham, as “the field got Up;” for when something is used by a righteous person – the physical becomes spiritual.

3. The Bible uses instructive language, “Abraham was old, filled with days,” and the Kabbalah teaches, this means, that all his days had been filled with purpose.

4. One of the most interesting and instructive episodes of the Bible, is the story of Eliezer from Damascus, who was the servant of Abraham, and he goes off on a mission – the Lubavitcher Rebbe – one of the greatest Masters, teaches, that this parallels each one of us; that we each are on a mission, and we must know exactly what the mission is, and when we succeed, like Eliezer, instead of becoming arrogant, we must become amazed.

5. It is further instructive how Eliezer describes himself, namely, ‘I am the servant of Abraham;” This teaches us, that every Jew, in fact, every person! our primary identity must be, “I Am The Servant Of God,” and of-course, in every generation, God sends an Abraham, a Moses, a Rebbe, who transmits the practical application of the Divine instructions.

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