The Modern Bible 3


1. One of the fascinating lessons our sages derive is – Imagine God came to you and suddenly you see other people, and as the Messiah gets ever more present… so the still small voice of God becomes more frequent – this can become a normal occurrence, and we find, from the behavior of Abraham, which of-course as our sages say – “the behavior of our forefathers is the Ultimate model” – Abraham, so to say, abandons God, and runs to greet his guests, for the ultimate desire of God, is human compassion.

2. Of-course, Abraham is the ultimate Paradigm of hospitality, and he says to these three strangers, “My Masters, if I have found favor in your eyes, please do not depart from your servant – please take a little water and wash your feet, and rest under the tree, and I will get bread and you will be comforted, and afterwards you will go from your servant” – We see from here, that when we do kindness, we should always make the other person feel like the king.

3. Abraham then runs to the tent and he says to Sarah, “hurry, please prepare three fine flower measures, and make cakes,” and then he runs to the cattle and he takes the best of his calves and he gives it to his lad, and he hurries him to make it; he then take some butter and milk and the calf which he made, and he gives it to them, and he stands above them under the tree and they eat.

4. The next story is exceptionally important, because these angels tell Abraham that next year we will return and you will have a son; and Sarah, who is listening laughs, because she had already passed menopause, and God says to Abraham, “Why did Sarah laugh?” And then he specifically Lies, by changing the wording of Sarah, who said in her heart that “it is impossible for me to have children; as well as, my husband is old” so God, did not want to create friction – This is critical to understand, for as the Talmud says, that if it is going to cause peace, not only should you lie, you must.

5. Now the next episode is exceptionally critical, for God says, that the reason he chose Abraham is “because I know that he will instruct his children and his household following him, and they will follow the way of God to be compassionate and just” – in other words, we see from this two things: firstly, that it is critical to raise children with Biblical values, without which, as we see, children fall apart; and secondly, what is critical to understand, is that the world God seeks, can be summed up in these two words a “compassionate / just.”

6. What is perhaps even more amazing, is that God says, that the reason that this sequence of events, namely, that Abraham will teach his children, and they will fulfill God’s will, is all in order to reward him.

7. We find fascinating terminology in that God says that “the cries of Injustice from the city of Sidoim have reached my ears”, “let us go down and see if it has reached the maximum point where they deserve destruction.”

8. Another very important lesson is Abraham certainly could have been somewhat morally Superior, and yet he sees his fellow man as similar; and therefore, instead of Simply allowing a negative judgment, what he does, is, he prays for them.

9. It is very interesting to note, as will further be played out, that in fact, not only is the birth of the Jewish Nation through the righteous mothers, but even its protection!, because while Abraham was a man of love… as is often the case, women with their intuition, and in this case Sarah, seeing Yishmoel’s jealousy, would lead him to murder – forced Abraham to send him.

10. We now enter into a most bizarre episode, whereby God clearly says in the Bible he was only testing Abraham… and he tells him to offer his son as a sacrifice! The obvious question is, Does God have nothing better to do with, if we can call it “God’s life?” And the lesson is exceptionally exceptionally profound, for as the episode concludes, God says to him “now I know you fear God;” as Kabbalah teaches, Abraham’s personal character trait was one of being a loving person, and his hallmark and life, is one of kindness and compassion; but as we mentioned, at the very beginning of Lech Laicha, the only way for a person to be spiritual, and have true meaning and values in life, is by abandoning their personality, even they’re positive instincts, and agreeing wholeheartedly with each and every instruction that comes from God.


The Modern Bible 2

1. In the story of Lech Licha, of God commanding Abraham to leave his birthplace, to go to the land that I will show you… is the story of the first Communication we find with God to a spiritual Seeker.

From the perspective of the Bible, the first person who truly seeks a spiritual solution to life is Abraham; and the instruction that God tells him is relevant to any person who seeks meaning, above, a simply selfish or narcissistic, or sexually Driven Life.

The essence of God’s message to him, is, that if you seek the truth, meaning, purpose, the first thing you need to do, is abandon that which attracts you – and there are three Mega-traps: the first is the culture of your land, because we are all so very vulnerable to imitate, as all of the world both previously and currently do – the stupidities, most often narcissistic, sometimes nationalistic insanities, that was the root of cultures often engaging in “holy wars” rendering otherwise rational people into not only their own death, but even worse, murder, and as we see with radical Islam, rape and torture; And so to begin with, we must realize that our society, no matter what religious, nationalistic, is, as Freud amply demonstrated, that masses of people behave in infantile non-thinking mechanisms; so once we abandon the “wisdom” of our society, we are ready for stage 2 which is to abandon our own innate instinctual drives, for every person is born with tendencies; some – as the Bible of Jewish mysticism, the Tanya explains, based on earth, air, fire, water – have a tendency to laziness and depression; others have a tendency to fun and frivolous Behavior; others have a tendency towards anger and ego; while others have a tendency towards addictions, based on Pleasure; and we all have some of all four elements, and unless we can abandon our addiction, for we are all an addict to one of these tendencies…, this will chain us into a bond that will annihilate our potential.

The Third and greatest stupidity is the idea that the model that our father or household leader, who was of-course just a human being like any other, subjected to his own Role Models, his own biases, and even if they are truly a wonderful person, but to somehow imagine that their wisdom is the best😅, as we have this predilection to do, is of-course trapping ourselves into their own highly limited subjective and unfortunately often even evil ideas.

2. As we abandon our comfort zone; for the Mind seeks clarity, we make space in ourselves – for the only truth of spirituality, which is, we are on a mission, to continuously listen to the direction that God will lead us towards.

3. And then God says an amazing thing, that if you truly will listen to me – and we now have hindsight of four thousand years, to prove God’s words – God says to Abraham “I will make you into a great nation, I will bless you and make your name blessed.” In other words, by forging forth, with faith and courage; not only will we not be lost to society, we will become the blessing of society.

4. And of course Abraham being wise, obeys.

5. It’s interesting to note, that Abraham was 75 years old when he left his hometown, because this teaches us, that at all times, no matter what our age, the obligation and the opportunity and the wisdom to listen to God is there!

6. It’s very instructive that Abraham does not sit back when his nephew Lot is captured, for a spiritual person should not be oblivious to the pain and suffering, and should set aside all his spiritual endeavors to First and Foremost help his fellow man.

7. We have an instructive story in which God tells Abraham to go out and count the Stars and he tells him that this is the amount of children you will have, and he believes in God – This was considered a positive; in other words, God Understands how difficult it is for us to suspend our psychological fears and lusts, which create beliefs and paradigms, and actually trust in Him.

8. Now some, certainly the Arabs will not like this at all, but the Bible said this 4,000 years ago – truth is truth and without truth we’re all dead – the story is, that Sarah gave her maid Hagar to Abraham, hoping to build a lineage through this child, and an angel of God comes to Hagar and tells her to submit to Sarah and that she will have a child and a vast multitude will come from this child, and he will be a wild person, he will be a thief, and all will likewise try to steal his goods, and eventually his callousness will cause his demise.

9. The next story is the story that God Appears to Abraham – and is very instructive, because Abraham makes a fundamental error, for God says to him, “I am God, follow me and be simple” In other words, being simple means that we have no questions, and then God says that I will create a bond (or) a covenant between me and you, and I will make you very very multiplied, and Abraham falls on his face in gratitude; then God says to him, “my Covenant with you, is you will be the father of many nations… I will make you very much propigated, and make you into Nations, and Kings will come from you, and I will keep my promise, between me and you, between your children following you, and their Generations forever, to be for you a God and for your children afterwards, and I will give to you and to your children following you, the land where you dwell; the entire land, of Canaan, as an eternal Homeland, and I will be for them a God,” (by the way, when it says, “I’ll be a God,” it means a personal guide). Then God says to Abraham, “Keep my bond or Covenant, you and your children following you for generations, and this bond is that every male should be circumcised at 8 days old, all your males, whether your children or your servants, and so my bond is in your flesh forever.”

To digress, why did God choose circumcision as the bond? And the answer is, that as we mentioned before, to be bonded to God one must lesson their instinctual, certain sexual narcissistic desires.

Then God said to Abraham, “Your wife Sarai should not be called Sarai, because her name is Sarah; I have blessed her, and also giving her a son; and I will bless her, and he will be many Nations, Kings of Nations from her will come ” And Abraham then laughs and he says in his heart, is it possible that a hundred year old man and Sarai, a 90 year old woman will give birth? so he says to God “Just let my son Yishmoel love before you.”

This was a critical mistake, because the words of a prophet come true, and therefore by saying these words it was predicted – which occurred in our time, that the Arabs would gain Global dominance – so the lesson of-course, That when God speaks, Accept His Words As Truth, For There Is No Power That Can Stop His Words.