The Rebbe’s Talk – Vayechi – 5749

This week we conclude the Torah portion of Vayechi, which is the conclusion of the book of Breishis, and we say as a Jewish custom “Chazak Chazak Vinischazek,” that we should be strong in all things Jewish.

Jacob entered the state in which his life was good, which practically means, as it relates to any and everyone, that our physical and spiritual, and both together are ideal.

Jacob’s life is eternal, as we see that his children and his values are..

In fact, going into Exile is the beginning of revealing that the connection of a Jew and God, is not limited to anything external, for it’s an infinite, internal, Eternal connection.

The whole point of the Exile is only to bring out the infinite pure Light Within.

Even when we are in Exile, we can have like Jacob had, an excellent life, through doing Torah and Mitzvahs amidst prosperity and comfort.

The truth and the lesson that we learn from Jacob, having his best years in Egypt, is that this was because they set up a Yeshiva, a house of study of Torah, and when we study Torah, not only do we imbibe the joy of Divinity, but that affects our entire Egypt / difficult world around us.

Furthermore, the entire point of the study of Torah and prayer is not to be spiritual, but the spirituality is, so when we engage in reality, we transform reality into a home for the spirit.

Practically speaking, the mechanism to have a good life is through not only increasing tremendously in the study of Torah, but in the study of Torah, which influences our behavior in the world.

Practically, everybody has to add in classes of Torah, both in the revealed and the inner Dimension, especially having an ongoing class in the laws of Torah, which in it is emphasized even more the effect of Torah in the world, and it pays to mention what it says, that whoever learns the laws of Torah daily, he becomes the master of the world, and we should certainly encourage others in this vein.

This includes also encouraging the Goyim to do their mitzvahs.

When we teach the noahide laws, this encourages the Gentiles to support the Jewish people, similar, to as it will be in the times of Moshiach, and then Gentiles will be a great support for the Jewish people.

Everyone should join in the cycle of the study of the Rambam, as well as celebrate his Yortzeit.