The Rebbe’s talk – 5749 Tenth Teves quotes

The irony of the destruction of the Temple, as everything God does is only to bring us to a deeper appreciation of the love between man and God, is that it proves, that even in Exile, we are always connected, hence we can never be disconnected.

Teshuvah, repentance / return, which reveals the essential connection, which in fact was never broken, therefore affects not only the individual…, not only his environment…, but affects every single creation of God.

Torah, and especially through Teshuvah, reveals, how God and you are really one entity.

Jewish unity brings down the Shechinah / Divinity, and Divinity brings down blessings.

Exile not only reveals the deepest connection between God and man, but even the deepest connection between man and man.

All the physical matter that a Jew comes in contact with, has Sparks of Divinity, which is our job to elevate them, through using it for positive purposes.

The essence of a Jew is always connected to the essence of God, to the extent that through Teshuvah, they become both one.

When a Jew does Teshuvah and he reveals the essence, he’s able to benefit everything, including the Shabbos.