The Rebbe’s Talk – vayigash 5750 – quotes

The whole goal of the world is to achieve perfect Unity between the Jewish people, and hence all people, which will occur when when Moshiach comes.

The the Mitzvah to Love your fellow Jew, as yourself, is, as we are – with our imperfections.

So the main Mitzvah of Ahavas Yisroel, is to actually DO something positive for your fellow.

This is why a Farbrengen, in which people get together, is so cherished by Hashem.

The the whole goal and mechanism of creating Unity, is, God created separate independent individuals, which realizing the joint dependence upon, and obligation to, their Mutual Creator, this creates within them, unity and Redemption.

Yehuda approaching Yosef is both the reconciliation as well as the ultimate unity of all the Jews.

When Moshiach comes, the unity that will be brought to the Jewish people, will bring all people under the same Banner, as the verse says, that “everybody will serve me together.”

The the only way for there to be Unity is it must begin with personal humility.

Only when our body understands how infinitely higher than us is God, and the Torah, can we integrate God and the Torah into us.

The Jew who is humble and integrates God, not only brings God into him and into the Jewish people, but his effect is on the entire world.

In order to maintain one’s connection to God – one has to learn Torah, specifically to maintain this connection.

Specifically through the continued study of Torah we continue to inspire ourselves and bring Unity to the whole world.

Through humility, all the facets of the Soul, mainly the study of Torah and its performance, combine.

The greatness of Moshiach, is, specifically, in his humility, he is able to integrate all previous greatness.

This week’s Parsha which is the drawing and connection of Yakov Sons’s Yehuda and Yosef, in Egypt, is that our job in Exile, is to elevate the world.

A Jew must always know, that his job is to bring through Divinity, Global Unity.

Based on all indications, we are about to enter into the Messianic Redemption.

As the Messianic Redemption is one in which there will be complete Unity, hence in preparation, we must so begin.

Practically speaking, we have to increase in our thoughts, speech and actions in creating Unity, particularly through making Farbrengens.

When two Jews gather, a benefit must come to a third, and certainly one should be helping the other.

Furthermore, we contribute to the greater good of the world, through the spreading of Judaism and particularly the teachings of Chassidus.

Most specifically, Jews, as is well-known, are divided into two categories:, those who are mainly teachers of Torah, and those who are mainly into Good Deeds.

It’s well-known, that each group must compliment their primary role with the other role.

Business people should at least have a morning and evening Torah study class.

Each type of Jew has to infinitely increase, whether it is study of Torah, or performance of goodness.

Furthermore, when one delves intimately and infinitely into something, this causes that they should desire that others likewise – to the extent that this affects those affected to likewise effect.


if you truly wish to understand everything that the Rebbe stood for, as he said abundantly clearly, though very few had the both experiential as well as actual ability to understand, his original statement: that our generation will manifest the Shechinah, but as He clarifies so much throughout His teachings, particularly in the last years, that this means that the Messianic Era, which has already begun, is one in which the Divine Voice Integrates