The Rebbe’s Talk – Chanukah International Live Satellite Event – 5752

The Torah begins with the general purpose of mankind, in the verse Breishis – “In the beginning,G-d made heaven and earth.”

Every entity, by it heaven and all within, earth to the most distant molecule, all was formed.

The Torah clarifies (Birieshis means,two prime reasons) The First Is For The Jew and The Second Is For the Torah = in other words, the entire universe was made, that a Jew fulfilling the Torah would sanctify it.

A simple example is before a Jew takes even a sip of water, he makes the blessing Shehakoil Niha… this blessing recognizes that both this bit of water and everything are made by G-d.

Specifically we say that all was created through the Divine word – in other words – everything from heaven to earth and all within is only G-d’s Ten sayings (as we know, G-d created through saying ten sayings (like “let there be light” as explained at length in the second book of the Tanya)recognizing that you, your drink and everything are merely existing through the continuous speech of G-d, causes one to humbly and eagerly fulfill his will.

Even more importantly, the very fact that we say a blessing reveals in this world, G-d.

The main saying of G-d is “let there be light” (which also means revelation) for as when we say a blessing (thanking G-d for his continuous sayings) and we reveal the light, correspondingly G-d continuously sustains a brilliantly beautiful world.

  1. This revelation of light is most emphasized when there is a Mitzvah entertaining the actual kindling of light, such as by Shabbos candles, or by Chanukah.

We kindle both the Shabbos and Chanukah candle in the darkness, namely that even when there is confusion in the world as to right and wrong, a Jew kindles through the clarity of Torah, truth.

In fact Chanukah candles have an advantage that not only were the Jews filled with light, even in the darkest period (and so can you) but furthermore, as we continuously ascend in light (adding a new candle every night) this shows we can(too.)

And most importantly the Chanakuh candles shine light illuminating in the street awakening gentiles to light, so they too conduct themselves according to the seven Noahide laws, bringing peace righteousness and justice.

This of-course is further highlighted by using satellites to create a worldwide Chanukah event.

As everything satellites were enabled by G-d for his glory – such as when we use it, that whoever wishes anywhere in the word can see (the Chanukah event.)


One of the lessons we see in this event, is that a small child (not yet with the capacity of an adult)can light a single flame which can shine to the whole world.

Regarding to the Jewish people, this event demonstrates that no matter where we are, universally, we are one people, united under one Torah.

Furthermore and most importantly,through gentiles seeing how Jews are united, this add in their ability to fulfill their mission of making the world into a just and righteous locale.

In order for it to be easier for person to understand how their local action have global ramifications, G-d revealed the technology of satellites – as we see in our gathering, that one can speak words of inspiration(regarding lighting Chanukah candles etc.) and these reach through the mechanism of transmitting satellites, literally worldwide.

This technology was revealed primarily in order to enable the world to become a more united place – for example through the internet one can offer to another advice,furthermore, one can immediately transfer money (to assist.)

This is all further highlighted, as we are standing within the messianic era, hence, when the Moshiach will come, there will obviously be the light of the Jewish people (the Chanukah Menorah in the Beis Hamikdosh…) illuminating the entire world.

This is further accentuated by giving out Money to be distributed for charity as we know, our sages teach that charity is great, as it hastens the messianic redemption.

This is further emphasized bearing in-mind the teaching of the Rambam that we should always see the world as 50% righteous, and 50 % wicked, and through my next good deed will tilt the scales bringing Redemption.

And we will speedily go to light the Menorah within the Holy Temple!

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