Mammer Rebbe – Zois Chanukah 5738

Physical Comes From Spiritual

Everything in this world begins – no matter what it is – in the spiritual.


In fact, the lower something is, not only the higher is its source, but in order to create the lowest from the highest – which is infinetly removed – there needs to be a tzimitzum (concealment of light..)

In order to elevate the lowest you need the highest

Paroah, the lowest kelipah needs Moshe Rabeinu.

Lowest Becomes High

Because they have fallen so low, hence their elevation is so high.

Dirah Bitachtoinim

Heaven was created only for earth –as the goal is for Divinity, to the extent of the actual Divine should be manifested.

Drawing Down G-d

In fact when we elevate the darkness, the light that manifests is infinetly superior (to its source.)

Drawing Down G-d

As is well known, through the repression of evil, and its transformation (to light) the infinite G-d manifests.

Transforming Darkness To Light

This is why prior to our spiritual universe (oilam hatikun) was the world of Tohu, which “shattered,”as G-d desires that we should collect and elevate these fallen“sparks.”

This fulfills G-d intent to have a dwelling below.

Transforming Darkness To Light

This is the meaning “whoever teaches the son of an ignoramus Torah, as he retrieved precious from rubbish,even if there are decrees against him, they will be rescinded,” for the entire goal of G-d is transformation (from darkness to light.)

It’s All Good

Upon acknowledging that everything created is only there to give you freedom of discernment (hence you allow not the vicissitudes, negativity of life, to sway.)

Using The Bad To Spur Good

Furthermore, as the Baal Shem Tov describes – if an anti-semite is trying to disturb your prayers,obviously the reaction should be to ignore – considering that this moment the Divine spark giving him life and speech are in exile, and through this you elevate them – hence in actual fact, the negativity is a plus.

Transforming Darkness To Light

This transformation of darkness to light can take place through a single good thought, speech, and action.

Chassidus Leads To Moshiach

 This transformation that brings Moshiach, is so much more in the spreading of Chassidus (as we know,wisdom of Torah leads to action.)

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