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December 4, 2018

  • The Rebbe’s Talk – Shabbos Parshas Mikeitz 5752

    Oil – Chassidus Bread, water, wine and oil, represent four levels of Torah, the first two revealed, the second concealed,and wine represent the secrets, while oil, the very essence. Revealed (Nigleh) Concealed (Chassidus) Specifically bread and water are necessities (for life) while wine and oil represent pleasure(s) –hence in order to be a religious Jew,… Continue reading

  • Mammer Rebbe – Zois Chanukah 5738

    Physical Comes From Spiritual Everything in this world begins – no matter what it is – in the spiritual. Tzimtzum In fact, the lower something is, not only the higher is its source, but in order to create the lowest from the highest – which is infinetly removed – there needs to be a tzimitzum… Continue reading

  • The Alter Rebbe’s Mammer Toirah Oir -30A

    Ratzu (Divine Desire) Shuv (Return to Earth)  There is in the heart fire and in the head water (similarly to how the coolness of the moisture/air in the lungs, cool off the overheating of the heart) – so when a person realizes, that their entire reality is nothing, not even a dot relative to the… Continue reading

  • The Rebbe’s Talk – Chanukah International Live Satellite Event – 5752

    The Torah begins with the general purpose of mankind, in the verse Breishis – “In the beginning,G-d made heaven and earth.” Every entity, by it heaven and all within, earth to the most distant molecule, all was formed. The Torah clarifies (Birieshis means,two prime reasons) The First Is For The Jew and The Second Is… Continue reading

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