The Rebbe’s Talk – Vayeishev 5752

We have recently, said that Moshiach is ready to come – some query…  is not Moshiach a state in which the entire world must be so prepared?

This will be understood by prefacing what – in general – is the reason G-d sent the Jewish people around the world?

The reason Jews were sent internationally, was in order that when using the customs of that location for positive purposes (such as building a sysnogue etc.) they are able to elevate that country.

Just as when Jewish people settle in the lands, they elevate those lands – the mechanism to do so is not random, but through actually settling (in other words, as citizens etc.)

Furthermore, a Jew must specifically choose to follow (when appropriate) the customs of a place (as this brings greater success.)

Furthermore, the goal is not only that the Jewish people, say set up a synagogue there (all the while receiving Judaism from elsewhere) but that very location becomes a source of Judaism/Torah – including through the specific mindset of the location.

This obviously occurred to the greatest level after the holocaust.

Everything has general and specifics:

In regards to refining the world, the general (idea) is represented in the country of France.

One of the verses speaking about redemption specifically mentions returning from France.

Why does the verse specifically mention France? – The reason is that, the French revolution in the year 1789 represented not only “a change of guard” but a fundamental worldview – as the French revolution particularly, under Napolean, was based on the notion that people need not be beholden (as previously, countries were subjected to the desires and whims of monarchs.)
On one hand, this spirit brings with it obviously freedom, and more human rights; but as this revolution was not based on a Divine conviction, rather on the notion that we are our own gods, hence, it likewise brought a licentious, bordering on anarchy.

Here we see, that despite the fact the Alter Rebbe, felt the need to oppose Napoleon (notwithstanding, the realization that the Czars were antisemites – for he saw the spiritual downfall) nonetheless, only in the recent generation, this country, which was so “free (liberal”) became, not only a haven for Jews, Judaism, and Torah, but filled with Jewish institutions, that are a Torah source.

This era began with the previous Rebbe who actually left Russia.

As the Previous Rebbe actually settled in all these other countries, this enabled others to likewise.

As the Previous Rebbe is the essence of all things, as it states “a leader is everything” therefore He gives us the power to reveal, in all locations.

These are the two stages of elevation: first to bring a person to a higher Dimension, and then to reveal the infinite in the finite.

Through revealing the essence in France, this essence was able to be revealed everywhere.

Expressing gratitude to G-d for the Miracles that he does for us, is part and parcel of bringing Moshiach.

Knowing this, we should definitely make an effort to publicize all miracles that occur.

Furthermore, we should undertake to make Farbrengens, all the days of Chanukkah.