Mammer Toirah Oir – Vayeitzei page 40d

God’s greatness / kindness is that He takes his infinite being, and lowers Himself infinitely, to come to those who are low.

Because our forefathers were always humble, God’s light always shined in them.

Our thoughts, follow our heart, and our heart follows our passion; so as we can all choose what to be passionate about, we must choose obviously the Divine.

Although it is not in the capacity of most of us to have this level of consistent Divine awareness, nonetheless, the energy of the forefathers, through the Shevatim comes to us.

We need to feel compassion that the great and infinite God, whom all the spiritual Universes – trillions of angels and souls, consistently worship – not to mention, your own soul, prior to coming into this world was one with God – and then it came into the dark pit of your body and the world! and as compassion creates awareness, this will create Divine consciousness.


The Rebbe’s talk – 5748

The month of Kislev is ideal for the study of and dissemination of Chassidus.

The idea of spreading Chassidus outward is similar to the idea of Jacob leaving the comfort of the holiness of Isaac, and Yeshiva, to teach the world

Just as Jacob managed to fulfill his mission specifically in the darkest location, so to, the lower the Torah goes, the higher it gets.

Through Jews studying Torah, the Torah goes beyond wisdom to integrate Infinity.

When Moshiach comes it says that “the Torah will come from me” which is Infinitely greater than the current level.

Just as Jacob going down, it was an order to go higher, so to, the Torah, every time it goes lower, it’s only to go higher.

An example of this is the destruction of the first Luchois, as God told Moses “regret it not, because in the second one, will be infinitely more.”