The Rebbe’s talk – 5749

Today, at the end of Exile, thank-God, He has given us the peace, to be able to contemplate in Freedom, similar to the Messianic era, the mysteries of creation.

2 The Redemption of the Mitteleh Rebbe, brought about a general Redemption for Chassidus.

3. No matter how dark the Exile seems, the redemption not only is light, but comes through light.

4. We further bring Chassidus, to the darkest spots, to light it up.

5. The goal is to bring the Holiness of Israel, to the whole world.

6. Not only are the actions of our forefathers, lessons for us, but furthermore, the actions of the Rebbe’s.

7. Whenever a Jew finds himself in a situation that there is conflict to his values, he must understand that not only need he not go to war but he can easily convert an enemy.

8. During the month of Kislev, we should make many Farbrengens.

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