Maamer Toirah Oir – Vaietzie – page 21

Yaakov represents the desire to take a multitude created from the Oneness, and by bringing the oneness to the multitude – elevating it into Oneness.

2. The entire purpose of creation is to transform our evil emotions such as a lust, anger, into tools of Divine obedience.

3. Furthermore to transform our desires, to only do the will of God.

4. This is the level of Teshuvah, transforming our negative to positive.

5 This is God’s greatest pleasure.


The Rebbe’s talk -Parshas Vayeitzei – 5752

1. By The Mitteleh Rebbe, the second Chabad Rebbe, we find something unique, that his birthday and his passing, was on the same day.

2. Furthermore, we find that the day after his birthday, on the 10th of Kislev, is the Day of His liberation.

3. We are standing at the time, when we finished everything we had to do, and we must only stand ready to greet Moshiach!

4. The novelty of being born and passing away on the same day for Tzaddikim is as it states “God completed their life.”

5. The reason this is special is because it emphasizes how by the Tzaddik, there is no internal dichotomy between his spirit and body.

6. The body of the Tzaddik not only becomes the vehicle of his expression but his spirit and matter become one.

7. Even though the life of a Tzaddik is spirit and not matter, nonetheless, the fact that it permeates the matter, is the actual spiritual goal.

8. The completion of the spiritual includes a complete physical. In other words, his physical is the reflection of his spiritual.

9.The soul comes from the highest Heights into the lowest depths, for the entire purpose is to live a spiritual life, despite challenges

10. The goal is, to go, like Jacob, into the darkness, and there to be a source of light.

11. Just as when a person is sleeping, their head and feet are equi-level, which indicates the soul coming into the body, where the two have equal power, nonetheless, the goal is that in this miserable State the soul should be able to shine.

12. Everything from the highest levels of Heaven, to the lowest depths on Earth, are all expressions of the Divine

13 Knowledge is a level, hence when God reveals Himself, it is infinitely Beyond knowledge.

14. Hence to God, those who know the most and the least are at the equal level.

15. Yaakov lying down, at the spot of the Beis Hamikdosh, on a stone, represents the complete conviction, the Divine, as the ladder going up and down, is within.

16. As the Divine is in the mind, hence the strongest part of us must be our mind.

17. And then Yaakov merged the Divine into all parts of him, which brings infinite blessings.

18. Once one achieves this level, they have the ability to, as Yaakov did, to refine the world.

19. The ultimate intent, is for the Divine revelation which is beyond Tohu and Tikkun to be revealed, to permeate and to use everything and everyone.

20. When Moshiach comes, the physical world will be permeated with Divinity, as the teaching, “a rock will talk spirituality.”

21. This was further hastened by the teachings of Chassidus, which merge the spiritual in the physical.

22 The teachings of Chassidus which bring esoteric Concepts into the mind, then it can be spread to the most distant places.

23. The redemption on the 10th of Kislev, is the preparation for the 19th of Kislev.

24. The essential light of God has come into Moshiach and hence is able to Enlighten every Jew.

25. The only part missing for the coming on the Moshiach is, that a Jew should open his eyes properly and you’ll see how everything is actually 100% prepared.

26. We are already sitting at the table with Moshiach, as is known, in every generation, a descendant of David is ready to bring Moshiach.

27. Practically A. we have to learn the teachings of the Mitteleh Rebbe b. We must try to learn from him that it our Divinity should permeate us.

28 Furthermore, we should establish Farbrengens on 9 and 10 Kislev, and take resolutions in this regard.

29. We should further undertake to make Farbrengens on Yud Tes Kislev.

30. We should further make Farbrengens through the whole month of Kislev, and take resolutions to study and spread Chassidus.

31. We should further make Farbrengens during Chanukkah.

32. This includes resolutions regarding having a family gathering on Chanukah, in which one distributes money to the children.

33. This includes resolutions to learn about Moshiach, in order to be more prepared for it.

34. From the resolutions may Moshiach immediately come.

35. All our homes will fly with the Clouds Of Glory, with us to Moshiach.