The Rebbe’s talk – Toildois 5750

1. The ultimate goal is not to reach heaven but to bring Heaven to Earth.

2. We know the goal of Jacob is to refine Eisav and as we are about to enter into Moshiach therefore this becomes incumbent on the Jewish people to teach the seven noahide laws.

3. Every single person is a messenger from God.

4. However it may be that some people, especially Gentiles are not aware that this is there fundamental identity hence it is the job of the Shliach / Messenger to share this.

5. The purpose of the Gathering of Shluchim is uniting the disparate parts of the universe, into a Joint Force to fulfill the will of God.

6. Certainly following the kinus the Shluchim should add in this realm, including creating local kinuses and printing a booklet as a permanent memento.

7. There are those who Express wonder about the fact that we are saying that Moshiach is about to come and they wonder where do we see this?

One just need to pay attention to the massive positive revolutions, for example in Russia, that for 70 years sowed the fear and Terror in the hearts of its citizens, and within a few years completely transformed, the same with the attitude in China, as well as a new government in India, and many countries, and in many Islands – positive revolutions have a occurred.

8. We must bear in mind that we are talking about countries that contain the vast majority – billions of people.

9 And the incredible miracle that one must understand, as it says “the one who the miracle occurs to doesn’t even recognize it” is that these revolutions took place in a positive, not as historically, blood driven, way.

10. And the connection to the Jewish people is, firstly we need to offer gratitude to God, for these positive miracles.

11.: Secondly, major transformations in the world, as predicted, Herald the coming of Moshiach.

12 Everything that occurs in the world is based on the behavior of the Jews, so certainly when the Jewish people encourage the seven noahide laws, that automatically transforms the world

13. These positive changes reflect positive changes by the Jewish people.

14. By the Shluchim gathering, this automatically effects of a positive change in the world.

15. May it be God’s will that the Jewish people add in their service, which will automatically bring about the complete transformation of the world, with the coming of Moshiach.