The Alter Rebbe’s Maamer – Mayim Rabim – Toildois

King Solomon says, that great Waters will not quench the love – the Kabbalah says, that these great Waters refers to the supernal River from which flow all – in other words, Rivers come from wellsprings, which is connected to the underground ocean – simalerly, though souls in heaven receive inspiration like Rivers – in other words, each receives Rivers of Divinity, nonetheless this cannot quench their love.

2. Only when the source will be revealed when Moshiach comes, based on all the Torah and Mitzvos we do today, will the soul find solace.

3. When Moshiach comes, the infinite pleasure of Divinity will descend.

4. Just as sunlight must be limited through a small aperture in a curtain, so too, in order to receive Divinity, it must be infinitely condensed.

4. This is the meaning that the name Havayeh descends into Eloikim.

5. In general this is the mechanism through which God, concealing his Infinity, created separate entities.

6. Our job is to be able to peer beyond the false concealment.

7 This is the greatest joy that God has.

8. God’s greatest joy is when we completely unmask the concealment.

9. In practical words, when an egoistic person, which is a fundamental sense of self that creates us, humbles oneself, to pray and obey, this is the deepest joy.

10. In other words, God created our ego, and then when our own ego humbles itself, this is God’s greatest joy.

11. God’s entire Pleasure comes from us, on this world, for the soul above, has no need to Humble itself.

12. Just as an animal has greater strength, pulling a wagon, bringing a person to places that they couldn’t reach, simalerly, through rectifying ourselves below, we Elevate our souls.

13. When we feel bad for our Divine soul that was forced from its infinite pristine state, into a filthy body, we then Elevate our passions, to God.

14. Fear of God and service of God are two distinct Commandments.

15. Mitzvos refine the physical into spiritual, which is why only humans, and not angels have them.

16. Ironically, the greatest knowledge of God cannot quench The Thirst, rather, only the study of Torah and the actual physical application of Mitzvos.

17. Just as if you could see a spaceship you would not know it, so too our knowledge of God.

18 When you actually do a Mitzvah it is as if you are consuming God.

19 In Hebrew, the word for reward is the same word as piece, in other words, Heaven is only like a slice of bread compared to the infinite Union achieved with God.

20 As a person’s desire is for God Himself, and as heaven and Revelation is not God-Himself, therefore, the thirst for God is never quenched through information.

21 Knowledge is what connects the knower and the known.

22. Because God is infinite, He can reveal Himself to the highest souls in Heaven, until the lowest on Earth

23. Moshiach being the infinite revelation of God, contains the ability to simultaneously reveal to everyone, both according to their capacity, in infinite spurts.


I heard a story from someone who was there, namely that a group of people were waiting in a small room in the airport so a bus could take them toward their El Al Israel bound flight – as a Chabad Rabbi he requested the men to put on tefillin – the first says “I’m not Jewish” (in Hebrew) while the others… Some were supportive, some not; is fact a verbal altercation pro/against Chabad ensued, whereby the Arab said, “Friends, have you forgotten to love your fellow Jew”