The Rebbe’s talk – Toildois – 5749

1. The month of Kislev, has many festivals, from ancient and modern Jewish history.

2. Firstly there is Chanukah which was established over oil which represents the inner essence (Chassidus.)

3. The 19th of Kislev, which is the Rosh Hashanah of Chassidus.

4. Yud Kislev – the birthday of the Mitteleh Rebbe.

5. All these festivals are encapsulated in Rosh Chodesh, as is known, it’s called not “the beginning of the month, but “the head of the month.”

6. The month of Kislev is the third month of the year, simaler to the month of Sivan (the third from Tishrei) however Kislev has the advantage, that it revealed the inner Torah.

7. Hence when the month of Kislev arrives, there has to be an emphasis in the study of Chassidus and particularly in the spread of it.

8. This is especially true in a leap year when All Things Must reach their complete maximum.

9. Toildois means offspring and spiritual offspring means good-deeds.

10 When we give charity, our soul above receives.

11. This is the benefit of the soul, that as it plants goodness, it reaps.

12. The soul Above was like a statue in its maintaining its standing, while the Soul Below, continuously grows, until it has an infinite Union with God.

13. The reason for this is, through keeping Torah and Mitzvos, we manifest the Divine.

14. It is thus self-understood that through the study of the inner dimension of Torah we reveal the inner dimension of God.

15. The main revelation of the inner dimension happened through the revelation of Chassidus.

16. Through the soul’s descent into this world to refine the Sparks, what happens is, we reveal the Divine essence.

17. Every Jew can become filled every day with all good things, like the Mitteleh Rebbe.

18. Everything that all the Rebbe’s stood for, not only remains in force, but is applicable, inspiring, empowering, to every Jew.

19. Whenever we complete a Torah, as each Torah is a direct copy of the previous one, going back to Moshe Rabeinu, it is a continuation to the New Torah.

20. We find the Jewish Mothers and Rebbetzins are greater than the men, as God said to Abraham “Everything that Sarah will tell you, listen.”

21. One of the greatnessses of the Jewish mothers, is that they were able to ground the lofty aspirations of the forefathers.

22. The whole goal of Chassidus is to permeate Divinity into the world, and simalerly by the Rebbes, that through their Rebbetzins, they did.

23. To begin with, we need to organize massive Farbrengens for Yud Kislev.

24. In order to properly facilitate this we should begin with the preparations in advance.

25 May the resolutions in this regard, merit the immediate arrival of Moshiach.

26. And the main thing is that we should dance, to the greeting of Moshiach.