Maamer Torah Oir – Toildois – Eilah

1. How can God command us to “love God”, When Love is an emotion? However as we know, before we say in Shemah to love God, we say that God is one, and the long-short is – it’s a meditation of understanding how God who is completely beyond our realm descended with an infinite contraction of Himself to create.

2. After this meditation creates the desire to ascend to God we must fulfill God’s will of bringing God to Earth.

3. Though it is enjoyable to feel a spiritual High, none-the-less, it is specifically from when we, coming from Darkness to discover light, that the transformation allows – which is entire purpose of this world – the light to PERMEATE.


The Rebbe’s talk – Toldos – regarding the kinus

When man requests and God blesses – as God’s giving is with love, it is even more than the request.

2. As we know, everything in the Torah has a general and specific Rule, and applications.

3. Generally speaking, every person must understand that their soul was sent down with a mission which is to ensure that the entire world becomes God’s home, and the mechanism is through aligning one’s Behavior with Torah and Mitzvahs.

4. This is applicable to men, women, and children.

5. This means not a activist, rather, every Jew, even a child that behaves according to the Torah and mitzvahs.

6. Now though generally every Jew has this task and mission, but within the Jewish people there are some that have been specifically chosen to engage in this continuously.

7 Some were chosen to a town, city, or even to oversee this in a country, and certainly the opportunity and the empowerment was given simultaneously.

8. And their mission is to arouse their local Jews with the knowledge that they too have this Mission and empowerment to fulfill it.

9. Of-course this begins with one’s own family, but it includes everyone, and encouraging everyone to continuously grow.

10. And eventually one reaches the point that their responsibility becomes, as the name of this conference, global.

11. By simply saying a teaching of Torah, which ultimately whether it’s based on the words of the sages comes directly from God and as God is infinite, hence not only will it affect the hearer, but as he may share it with someone across the world and understanding that each individual has as the Rambam says the ability to tip the scales of Merit, bringing Redemption to the entire world hence every Shliach is uniquely suited through a single teaching, to bring Moshiach.

12. the reason we do the Bris Milah on the 8th day, is on that day the Divine soul permeates, and we unite the spirit and body.

13. Just as a farmer plants with the hope of reaping, so to, the Jew, knowing that his mission is to spread Godliness, does the work.

14. And the lesson is, that we mustn’t question even in a completely blossoming field if we need to work, because that is our soul’s mission.

15. And the Torah promises that your are sowing will cause reaping.

16. Just as Isaac reaped a thousand times more, so too our effort transforms the world.

17. In our journey of transformation God gives us great health.

18. And we continuously do more, eventually bringing Moshiach Himself.

19. Once Moshiach comes, God will reveal, your steps that brought about Moshiach.

20. And then a new form of continuous Ascension till we see God manifests.