Maamer Alter Rebbe – Likuitei Torah Page 106 Tikui

On Rosh Hashanah a general light, encompassing all the future months and days, decscends.

2. Rosh Hashanah is the head and brain of the year.

3. Just like the brain gives a life to all parts of the body, so to, Rosh Hashanah gives life to every day, and every month there’s a new energy for the creation of the world for that month.

4. In order to create reality, God hides his infinity, revealing only his “kingdom/malchus.”

5. It is from this level that all of creation emanates.

6. This concealment is only relative to the human Observer, but obviously not from the Divine Creator.

7. God is the very same from before and after creation.

8. The Entire Focus of reality is that the darkness should lead us to light.

9. To begin with God emanated New Life Force, but subsequently on Rosh Hashanah, We arouse his desire to do so.

10. Because on Rosh Hashanah the energy that was contracted to imbue the world with life departs, hence, Rosh Hashanah is a judgment day, regarding whether the new energy should come.

11. One of the explanations of lisheim yichud” is that a Mitzvah merges the Divine within.

12. When we do a Mitzvah because it is the will of the king, this merges the king in us.

13. As all is dependent on our Obedience to the king, therefore Rosh Hashanah allows those who are not obedient, to repent.

14. When one regrets thier lack of obedience, this creates the Teshuvah.

15. There are two separate Wills of God, there is the path of Tzaddikim who never sin, and then there is the path of the Baal Teshuvah, which like the river that dries out and you dig down deep, into the wellspring.

16. The Baal Teshuvah reaches the wellspring.

17 Therefore the Shofar is a simple heartfelt cry.

18. This is the ultimate goal, as the Infinity of God descends into the Baal Teshuvah.