Maamer Torah Oir – Chayei Sarah -page 17 – Vayeitzei

1. As the Torah is given in general themes, such as “Put on tefillin” and the specific details… the laws which were expounded mainly through the Rabbis, not only are not lesser than the theme, but they are from the original intent of God.

2. This is similar, how though the world preceded man, but the whole world was only set for the creation of man.

3. The pleasure one receives, whether it is in heaven, or on Earth, from their spiritual service or spirituality, is only the backside of spirituality.

4. The essence of God cannot be perceived.

5. It is for this reason that the Mishnah states, that one hour of repentance and good deeds in this world, is better than all of the world to come.

6. This is the entire purpose of creation.

7. Doing something based on a command from God is infinitely greater than based on using your understanding.

8. Even the reasons for the Mitzvos that have been revealed, are only one aspect, for there are infinite Revelations.

9. We can deduce from this, that a commandment which you know not the reason, is far Superior to one that you do.

10. This also means, that unlike how most people believe that religion is about spirituality and emotional prayer, it’s actually about humble acquiescence.

11. The emotions are only the motivation to do what’s right.

12. Just as one needing to clean a house must temporarily deal with dirt, but obviously it is to have a clean bright, and beautiful home, so to, for centuries man had to deal with lies and darkness, though it is obviously to create the Messianic era.

13. Simalerly, one goes through the darkness of the Torah part, dealing with lies, to get to the Chassidus – the essence.

14. This is parallel,how before the morning is night.

15. This is why those who say “all I wish is to study Torah, even the study of Torah they lack.”

16. The point of the Torah is to lead to the infinite light.


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