Maamer Alter Rebbe – Ayin – Torah Oir page 32

This is a very deep Kabbalistic theme, so I preface it with saying that I do not fully understand it, but I’m writing what it is that I perceive

1. Entire purpose of life is to rid oneself of the klipah, which is arrogance, and therefore there is Torah and Mitzvos and prayer – the inner arrogance gets lost through the prayer and the outer through physical Mitzvos.

2. Just as an an angel cannot descend into our realm without some sort of body – we cannot Ascend into heaven without clothing (namely, Mitzvos.)

3. It is for this reason, somebody who is missing a garment Mitzvah, must descend into hell for a bit, to erase that part of ego.

4. Each person is a composite of both the physical and all the spiritual universes.

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