The Rebbe’s talk – Chayei Sara – 5749 (in connection with the international Shluchim conference)

1. in this week Torah portion we read about how Eliezer is sent on the first Shlichus/mission to bring a wife for his Yitzchok / Isaac.

2. This represents the fundamental notion of the connection of body and soul, Divinity in reality.

3. Similarly, our goal is to uplift, Inspire, educate and reveal that every aspect of God’s reality, is truly, in essence, both God, and part of his Cosmic plan.

4. This continues to the birth of Jacob which Begins the establishment of the Jewish Nation, who becomes a light onto the nations.

5. Furthermore, this extends, that every physical being and object, becomes a home for, and used for Divinity.

6. Practically, this begins with each Jew understanding that we are not a body, we are a soul sent by God to inspire our body and our environment.

7. The notion of making this world into God’s home, means, that just as I in my home feel comfortable to be myself, simalerly, God should feel so comfortable to be Himself – pure-truth – with you.

8. God being at home, doesn’t mean that God reveals Himself in a way that creates the abnegation of the human consciousness, but rather, through his Emissary, like the Rebbe, Moses, or even the Shliach; God’s communication is such, that the individual remains Himself, but chooses to have God in his life.

9. This is what it states, that “greater is the work of the Tzaddikim than the work of the Creator,” for creation is creating matter out of non-existence but the Tzaddikim create out of matter non-existence.

10. The Jew who subjugates his will to God, is higher than the highest levels.

11. This in fact is what was achieved in Creation, that the world which naturally feels itself and doesn’t feel its Creator, through Adam came to Bow and Praise God.

12. And from Adam this power comes to all the Rebbe’s Shluchim, to bring everyone and everything to a unification with God.

13. The Torah is both given in general and specific Concepts, simalerly, though everybody has the mission to imbue the world with God, there are certain Shluchim that this is their full-time job.

14. Just as Eliezer went to a distant land to pluck the thorns from The Rose, and bring Divinity to the people, so to this is the mission of every Shliach, beginning with Himself (namely, to rid himself of any ego in service of his mission.)

15. Simalerly, in regards to the ego of the world, to rid it, and make it the vehicle of God.

16. As the soul Begins the mission, the empowerment from God to fulfill it, has already been given.

17. Now, one has an incredible inspiration regarding our mission that every time we affect anyone (including ourselves) to be humble to God, we are doing an act which is greater than God’s entire creation!

18. And even though so much tremendous transformation of creating much less ego and much more receptivity happened over the past few thousand years – nonetheless, wherever there is a place where we do not see that it is openly a vehicle for Divinity, that is our mission!

19 Furthermore, based on the teachings of the Baal Shem Tov, that every moment the world recreates, through the Divine ying/yang, energetic ebb and flow, therefore, at every moment when we humble ourselves to God, we humble the NEW creation.

20. In order to be able to fulfill our mission of goodness and kindness, we must preface it with complete self humility to the Divine mission.

21. Simalerly, for a Shliach, in order for him to succeed in his Shlichus, he must give his very will completely to the Rebbe.

22. Simalerly, in our mission to have other Jews to become emissaries of God to light up the world, we must reveal in them, their power of self-sacrifice.

23. Self-sacrifice is not only for men, it is also for women and children.

24. Furthermore, by Jewish children the notion of sacrificing for God is much more pronounced.

25. To further succeed in all of the above, all the Shluchim should travel to the ohel, and have a general Pan with all their names to the Previous Rebbe.

26. This will add in the blessings of the Eibeshter and the Rebbe.

27. And through all the Shluchim gathering with sacrifice to God, this empowers so to say God, to send Moshiach, the ultimate Shliach!

28. And we see Moshiach, and even beforehand we have all the good possible.