The Alter Rebbe’s Maamer – Torah Oir – Lehavin Inyan Page 16

1. Why does it say “Better one hour of repentance and good deeds in this world, than the entire world to come” when we know as the Zohar teaches, “The whole purpose of the good deeds in this world is it creates the reward in the next?”

2. Just as the soul manifests in the body, which is a life-force that is indivisible, yet manifests in the visible parts, such as eyes, brain etcetera, so too is the energy of God in the multi-faceted parts of the universe.

2. Hence, there is the fact that God is beyond everything, as the life force is just like a single Ray.

3. In fact, this that people think that God is great, that he is a Creator, is like saying an artist, who makes a single stroke, somehow is great.

4. What happens in Heaven is we get somewhat of an incling and understanding of the light which manifests.

5. Now how is it possible for a soul, which has no connection to infinity – it would be like a sperm cell relative to the brain, where it comes from – can begin to understand?

6. Just as the sperm cell begins as a thought in the brain, travels through the spine, and then manifests in a physical way, so to the soul.

7. The soul begins within God, as pure spirit, and then manifests as an independent entity.

8. So just as Moses was able to go to heaven for 40 days and didn’t eat and he was fed through the spirituality of the cloud, similarly, the soul on Earth, so during our time on Earth, because of the Mitzvahs we do, they become a spiritual Cloud / garment, which in turn allows it to imbibe higher dimensions of spirituality, just like if you have a strong curtain, you can look through a tiny hole, and see the sun.

15. When we say Shema we are meant to meditate that God both completely permeates all of reality and he’s beyond all reality, to the extent that all reality is absolutely nothing in comparison, and this creates a longing to God.

16. When you do a good deed below, your soul above which is God, becomes filled with light.

17. When Moshiach comes, as the radiance of God will be manifest on Earth, “eye-to-eye we’ll see” but until then, the humility to God must be in the mind, which then travels somewhat to the heart.

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