The Alter Rebbe’s Maamer – Torah Oir – Lehavin Inyan Page 16

1. Why does it say “Better one hour of repentance and good deeds in this world, than the entire world to come” when we know as the Zohar teaches, “The whole purpose of the good deeds in this world is it creates the reward in the next?”

2. Just as the soul manifests in the body, which is a life-force that is indivisible, yet manifests in the visible parts, such as eyes, brain etcetera, so too is the energy of God in the multi-faceted parts of the universe.

2. Hence, there is the fact that God is beyond everything, as the life force is just like a single Ray.

3. In fact, this that people think that God is great, that he is a Creator, is like saying an artist, who makes a single stroke, somehow is great.

4. What happens in Heaven is we get somewhat of an incling and understanding of the light which manifests.

5. Now how is it possible for a soul, which has no connection to infinity – it would be like a sperm cell relative to the brain, where it comes from – can begin to understand?

6. Just as the sperm cell begins as a thought in the brain, travels through the spine, and then manifests in a physical way, so to the soul.

7. The soul begins within God, as pure spirit, and then manifests as an independent entity.

8. So just as Moses was able to go to heaven for 40 days and didn’t eat and he was fed through the spirituality of the cloud, similarly, the soul on Earth, so during our time on Earth, because of the Mitzvahs we do, they become a spiritual Cloud / garment, which in turn allows it to imbibe higher dimensions of spirituality, just like if you have a strong curtain, you can look through a tiny hole, and see the sun.

15. When we say Shema we are meant to meditate that God both completely permeates all of reality and he’s beyond all reality, to the extent that all reality is absolutely nothing in comparison, and this creates a longing to God.

16. When you do a good deed below, your soul above which is God, becomes filled with light.

17. When Moshiach comes, as the radiance of God will be manifest on Earth, “eye-to-eye we’ll see” but until then, the humility to God must be in the mind, which then travels somewhat to the heart.


The Rebbe’s talk – Chayei Sara – 5750 (in connection with the International Shluchim conference)

1. It is known that all events are connected to the Torah portion, so the conference of Shluchim (emisseries) is connected to the First Shlichus, namely, that of Eleizar, servant of Avrohom, to find a wife for Yitzchok, and as Rashi says, the reason this story is repeated in the Torah, is because it is so central to all of Judaism.

2. The mission of Eliezer to find a wife for Yitzchok, is representative of our entire Mission, namely, to make this world God’s home.

3. Eliezer was sent to pluck “The Rose from The Thorn,” namely, Rivkah, from the conniving narcissistic Society, which represents our entire mission in Earth.

4. Even simply speaking, to create a child and that it will be a Godly moral person.

5. Generally speaking, in the mission to make this world God’s home, the emphasis is on the two aspects of both God and home.

6. It is also important to understand that in the goal of transforming this world into God’s home, not only is the transformation the goal, but the steps in the journey as well.

7. The idea of God’s home, means, that on one hand we’re speaking about nothing less than GOD-HIMSELF FEELING AT HOME, meaning, as we are at home, we are fully comfortable, just to be Self; and simultaneously, this self expresses itself within our Dimension, namely, Within my human thoughts.

8. Furthermore, the colorraly of the construction of this home, as it must be on human terms, hence it comes about through the Jew’s Ascension (hence our Divine service from below to above, manifests the Divine from above to below.)

9. Coupled with this, there must be simultaneously the acknowledgement, that the ability to fulfill this infinite goal, is only due to the fact that God empowers it.

10. How we fulfill our mission is part of the mission.

11. In order to fulfill the mission properly as in the case of Eliezer, you must be appointed and empowered by Avrohom (the Rebbe of the generation.)

12. It is known, that there are three possibilities or categories of Shlichus: the 1st is where you do something for someone; the second is where, at that moment your hand, for example, becomes the hand of the person you are helping, hence you could Sanctify a woman in marriage; and the third is where your entire being becomes the other person, and when we are doing the will of God, as long as we are cognizant that it is Him, we are God.

13. We Now understand the critical importance of being empowered by the sender, such as God, because it is in this Mission itself, that enables one to be the Shliach (messenger.)

14. Hence the goal of God is to create one who simultaneously perceives himself as an independent being, and yet willingly submits his desires to fulfill God’s.

15. So in conclusion, a Shliach, namely every Jew, is one who on one hand is an independent person, using his own mind, heart and soul; but happily submits to his Creator and acknowledges, that all that is his, is His.

16. We know understand why this Parshah is called The Life of Sarah, though it speaks of her death; when do you know one is alive? when their children carry their legacy.

17. Now we have a deeper understanding that the goal of life is to reveal our essential connection to God, and let it permeate all of our thoughts, speech and actions.

18. The empower of Shlichus, is Sarah, who was capable of merging the quintessential concept of using your entire being, while simultaneously being completely humble to the mission.

19. And from Sarah, our mother, becomes the power, for each of our descendents to likewise.

20. When we use all of our talents to fulfil our mission (Shlichus) we then become/reveal Moshiach (as is known, that Shliach + 10 referrs to our ten talents, and numerically adds to the word Moshiach – for this reveals our soul.)

21. The soul/Moshiach like oil, is both the essential source of reality, which must permeate.

22. The obvious goal of marriage is children, and creating spiritual children, namely mekarev – bringing other Jews.

23. And just as by children the goal is that they in turn have offspring – similarly, our spiritual.

24. And just as Sarah’s child was Yitzchok, which represents joy, and joy represents that the concept fully permeates the individual, similarly, must be our spiritual offsprings.

25. And this is as Yitzchok who was able to create a complete transformation in his generation.

26. Furthermore we must have many children, representing as many people as we can bring, closer to God.

27. Furthermore, just as Rivkah had Eisav, so too, we must reach out to everyone.

28. To the extent, that we reveal how Eisav is the firstborn, actually sourced in the highest light.

29. Now we understand the sequence Lech Licha, Vayiera, and Chayei Sora, namely, to fulfill our journey and Mission, we first must abandon our previous-self, which is our desires and opinions, which now allows us to receive Divinity, which henceforth enables, empowers, and directs the goal.

30. We now further appreciate the connection of this week’s Parsha to the conference of Shluchim, whose job is to continuously do the work of the Rebbe, namely, that on one hand they are independent individuals, but through the complete abnegation of self to the Rebbe’s desires, they therefore become the Rebbe.

31. This is the most pronounced when we are speaking about the conference of Shluchim from the whole world, meaning they Encompass all the details of the world, to inspire the Jews in their community with Torah and Mitzvahs and the Gentiles with goodness and kindness, Justice and righteousness.

32. Particularly as they gather together, they then manifest, coming from Disparate parts of the world, a cosmic unification.

33. By each Shliach using the energy of the collective whole, to inspire themselves, we turn every city, every detail, into the dwelling of God.

34. Particularly being 40 years after the leadership of the Rebbe, which we know, as it states, after 40 years, one receives the wisdom of their Rebbe.

35. This empowerment, empowers each of the Shliach’s talents in thoughts, speech and action.

36. Furthermore we are empowered to continuously Ascend, as it states, that a Tzaddik Rises seven times and Falls once, for each Ascension leads to a descent, in order to create an infinitely greater Ascension.

37. We now have Clarity, namely that the resolution of the kinus must be the unity of all the Shluchim, helping one another to manifest Divinity.


The goal is to reach the Jewish people to teach them their Mitzvahs and the gentile people to teach them theirs.


Generally speaking, to bring Divinity to each individual, that even Eisav, a Jew who is on the outskirts, converts to Yaakov.

40. In order to further strengthen the unity of the Shluchim – it would be appropriate to print a book as a Memento of the kinus, which should include pictures of all those who participated, including their families – a special section of Novel Torah insights of at least some of the participants – some of the points which have been discussed during the Kinus – especially the resolutions which were undertaken.

41. Through this that the Shluchim and their families will have this Memento, and look at it from time to time, this will further enhance the unity.

42. Now is also the appropriate time to mention to strengthen the institution of Moses (Moshe) that we should have Gatherings every Shabbos to study Torah, which increases Jewish unity, as well as the study of the Rambam, which all Jews do together, which again increases Jewish community.