I just heard about the terrible tragedy of an anti-semite shooting 11 people dead in a synagogue, and it’s very important that our response is correct, for as a Rabbi from Kansas City, my own Community was targeted a number of years ago, and three people were murdered, and what’s critical to Understanding is the Psychology of hate, so you don’t fall into it’s trap, which is those people that hate themselves are jealous of love


The Rebbe’s Final Talk – Chayei Sara 5752

1. As we are at the beginning of the international conference of the (Rebbe’s) Shluchim (emisseries,) to begin with we must clarify what is this generation’s mission.

2. And more specifically, the unique novelty that has now become the (new) mission: To Greet The Righteous Moshiach!

3. In addition to the fact, one is a Shliach, from time to time new additions to the mission evolve.

4. These new additions become the gateway through which the others ascend (for all our deeds must be received above.)

5. This is all the more so in our case, where the addition is not just a detail, but the entire picture.

6. The entire goal of Judaism is the preparation to Moshiach.

7. This is based in the proclamation of the Previous Rebbe that everything is ready for Moshiach, and our soul propose is to Greet Moshiach!

8. Hence it is obvious that this is the mandate of the current Kinus, to discuss mechanisms on how to accomplish this.

9. To understand more, one must understand the connection of Moshiach to the idea of Shlichus,(Emissary.)

10. Moshiach is God’s Shliach (to redeem.)

11. The Medrash teaches that Moshe (Moses) was the first and final Redeemer.

12. This connects the first and final (Redemption.)

13. This means, that though Moses and Moshiach are two separate people (one from the tribe of Levi and the other from the Tribe of Yehudah) they become connected and merge into a single entity.

14. The marriage of Yitzchok and Rivkah represents the fundamental Union.

15. The marriage of Yitzchok and Rivkah, as the Alter Rebbe teaches, represents the union of mah (male energy) and ban (female receptivity.)

16. This represents the union of the soul in the body.

17. And ultimately this represents the union of God and you.

18. This is the entire purpose of Judaism!

19. This is the essence of what happened at Matan Torah / the giving of the Torah, namely, that the spirit and matter, can unify.

20. The opportunity that physical matter and a physical body can become manifest Holiness, arrived!

21. Seeing that the essence of the Union between Yitzchok and Rivkah, was the union between mah and ban, soul and body, God and man, hence it was actually the Prototype which enabled all subsequent.

22. A Shliach (an Emissary) is one who combines two opposites: namely, on one hand he is an individual with his own mind and opinions, on the other hand, he completely uses his mind and opinions only in the Fulfillment of the mission.

23. Furthermore, he acknowledges, the fact, that his only ability to accomplish the mission is based on the power of the “king.”

24. This is the idea of the Union of mah and ban, for our soul is one with God.

25. The purpose of The Descent of the soul, is to unify with the body.

26. We do this by recognizing the infinite greatness of our soul.

27. Furthermore when we do physical Torah and Mitzvahs, this creates the Union as well.

28. In everything we do, the fact that we are one with God should be manifest.

29. We should know that we are both the Shliach / messenger of God, and therefore when fulfilling his mission, we actually are Him.

30. This notion is the entire essence of all of reality!

31. A Shliach (Emissary) must combine both the Quality of humility (to follow orders) and simultaneously the quality of ego (to implement.)

32. In our generation, the Rebbe appointed every single Jew as his personal Messenger to spread the light of Torah and Chassidus.

33. We see empirically that today it is easier to clarify to a Jew that in addition to working on oneself, one has the duty to work with others.

34. In particular, the mission of the Shluchim, who have the 24-7 obligation and privilege to spread the light of Torah and Mitzvos, to bring Moshiach, manifesting the Union of mah and ban, soul and body, God and reality.

35. The Previous Rebbe told us that Moshiach has arrived, as we see from the signs in the world: firstly from the Yalkut Shimoini, that speaks about “when nations are warring” and particularly “Arab countries,” as we seen empirically; furthermore, it speaks about in the Rambam, that Moshiach will fight the wars of God and win, which ideally as in the case of Russia, is done through soft-power; and the word netzach (win) is nun, the revelation of the 50th Gateway – Tzaddik, is this year (as Jews have called it Shnas Hatzadik) and Ches is Moshiach which is converted to the number 8.

36. Seeing that The Shluchim have accomplished their mission and Moshiach had yet to manifest, we must say the final mission is the knowledge that in every generation, as the Ramban writes, there is one who based on his Holiness has the opportunity to be Moshiach, and when the time comes, God tells him – Ed. We must say the Rebbe here is acknowledging that this message came – hence it is our job to simply acknowledge Moshiach.

37. The resolution of the Kinus for the Shluchim, that must be, that firstly every Jew has the mission to acknowledge King Moshiach.

38. Every moment of our day must be spent actualizing the coming of Moshiach.

39. Simply put, the conclusion of the Kinus is, that every Shliach must prepare himself, his family, and his community for Moshiach.

40. The mechanism to do this is to explain to everyone about Moshiach in a normal way, using the teachings of Torah.

41. As this is the mission of our time, this means no person is absolved.

42. This effort will bring about the coming of the ultimate Shliach – Moshiach; and a Jew must say to God that I have done what I can, and now please send the righteous Redeemer!

43. To further hasten the coming of the Union of God and the Jewish people, the coming of Moshiach, we should undertake to study the entire Likuitei Torah and Torah Our.

44. When Moshiach comes, God Himself, will thank every Jew for their part in bringing Him.

45. God will bring all Jews to Israel, to Jerusalem, the Holy City; to the Holy Mountain; to the third Beis Hamikdosh, and this is the main thing that, It Should Immediately Occur!