The Rebbe’s talk – Vayiera 5749

1. Even the stories of the Torah – or especially – are actually life-lessons.

2. The stories of the Torah, not only are lessons, but actually are prototypes to our own future.

3. It is known that there are two types of symbols, one which represents something, the other which is the thing.

4. Similarly, the actions of our forefathers, actualize our own destiny.

5. This is like the teaching that the sign of the Jewish people is compassion, humility and good-heartedness, hence a Jew lacking these, not only lacks a symbol, but lacks the essence.

5. Hence the Revelation to Avrohom formulates, the Prototype of the Revelation to each of us.

6. The revelation of God, is something that is in the capacity of every single Jew – like Abraham, simply as a reward for kindness.

7. Particularly Abraham was exemplary in the Mitzvah of Hachnas Oirchim / inviting guests, to the extent that he would run to find guests and served them three tongues with mustard – the delicacy that cost him three calfs – this is how we too must run for the opportunity to be able to help another.

8. Just as there is compassion and kindness in helping another, say with feeding their body, there is infinitely more so, compassion and kindness in feeding their soul.

9. When you draw another Jew close to God, God draws close to you.

10. Simply speaking, there are millions of Jews who are hungry and thirsty for spirituality, for Judaism, for Torah and Mitzvos, to the extent of the inner dimension of Torah, as the verse states “They shan’t hunger for bread, nor thirst for water, but to listen to the word of God.”

11. It is for this reason it is both the duty and privilege of everyone to seek, not to mention, there are many that are coming to you, and to serve them the bread and water, oil and wine, of Torah and Mitzvahs.

12. One must appreciate that this is saving souls, for we’re not speaking about people who are just missing “Delicacies” but the fundamental basics of their Judaism.

13. As the Ramban writes, that the life of a wise person lacking the wisdom of Torah and Mitzvahs, is not.

14. Hence upon meeting a Jew on the street, whose internal state should be one that one can immediately see the wisdom upon him, and yet this is not visible; The Compassion one must feel for his dejected reality is immense.

15. As such, Everybody Must undertake a campaign to spread the water and food of Torah and especially Chassidus.

16. One may try to excuse oneself by saying that they have dedicated themselves and encouraged so many already – however one must be encouraged by the example of Avrohom, who had already encouraged hundreds of thousands to believe in God, nonetheless, after making a bris / circumcision is still running to see if he could help another!

17. Furthermore, the excuse that I’ve done what I can, may justify you; but certainly won’t help anyone

18. As well known from the Baal Shem Tov, whenever one sees a situation that one must rectify, the very fact that it was shown to you, represents a. that you have the capacity b. the obligation to trust that this is currently your soul goal.

19. Furthermore this duty of spreading Torah and Chassidus refers to every single Jew, men and women, and even children.

20. As the Zohar teaches, that as we approach Moshiach, children will be aware of the great secrets of Chassidus.

21. And one should immediately begin this work and certainly wherever we are, there are Jews that can be advanced in their Torah knowledge.

22. Our dedication to this work should be like Abraham’s was, namely, with complete self-sacrifice, and furthermore, with the humble acknowledgement that our entire existence is in any event the existence of the King.

23. Seeing that our actions are going to bring Moshiach, this should be the greatest motivation!

24. We should use these auspicious days approaching the Rebbe Rashab’s birthday, to add in the three pillars of Torah, avodah/prayer and acts of goodness and kindness – as they are enlightened and enlivened with the wisdom of Chassidus.

25. As one of the Rebbe Rashab’s accomplishments was the establishment of the Tomchei Temmimim Yeshiva, we should celebrate his birthday in a Tomchei Temmimim Yeshiva which incomparably adds to one’s inspiration.

26. Practically in the days prior, after and certainly on the Rebbe Rashab’s birthday one should make a point of going into Tomchei Temmimim to Learn, pray and give Tzeddakah.

27. Furthermore, we should study from the maamer Heichaltzu which was specifically written by the Rebbe Rashab, to increase Ahavas Yisroel.

28. This specifically may end the long and bitter exile.

29. We should also build homes, and homes for the study of Torah and prayer, and good deeds.

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