The Rebbe’s talk – Vayeira 5750

1. In reference to what we have been campaigning that in all Jewish communities Jews should gather on Shabbos, as Moses Instituted, to study Torah, especially from the Torah portion, and as people enjoy most – something from either the beginning or the end.

2. On the verse in this week’s Torah portion that God appear to Abraham, Rashi comments, in order to visit the sick, as this was the third day from his circumcision.

3. One must ask, how is it possible that Abraham became sick through the circumcision?

4. Considering that this was his first and only Mitzvah and this was his greatest joy and pleasure, the pleasure of the Mitzvah should have outweighed the pain – in fact, even the pain should have contributed to the pleasure.

5. To understand this we need to preface the concept of spiritual illness which as the Tzemach Tzeddek explains, in the higher worlds this refers to the soul whose deep longing for Divine revelation can only be healed through it.

6. This explains, as the Ramban clarifies, that God’s revelation to Abraham was to heal him from the spiritual “illness.”

7. The gematriah of sick / “choila” in Hebrew is 49, which represents the attainment of the 49 levels of wisdom, but lacking the 50th, the person has a desire for it.

8. So Abraham’s physical illness was a manifestation of his spiritual.

9. First Abraham had to leave his identity, which though holy, was still connected to himself / ego, when he circumcised himself, he then was able to be complete with God.

10. However the completion that man can create is infinitely less than the completion that God can bestow.

11. The very completion of man’s service, makes him recognize that everything he has done, is only based on human imperfection.

12. The revelation of the 50th gate, is the infinity of God.

13. The essence of God being “point”-less contains all subsequent points.

14. The greatest point of this infinity, is that it can descend within the finite.

15. The novelty of the Akeida, is, that though Isaac has self-sacrifice, this sacrifice did not cuase him to lose himself, but be imbued.

16. A Jew’s ability to reveal and use his Divine soul consequently does this for their source.

17. When the Infinity of God decscends into man, as this level encompasses all of reality, the person becomes the influencer of everything and everyone.

18. No matter what Divine revelation we have, as God is infinite, you must long for the next better level.

19. We eventually reach the state of “Yeilchu Mechayil El Chayil”, where we are continuously ascending.

20. The Rebbe Rashab represents, taking the highest levels of infinity / Divinity, and manifesting them, as His Name “Dov-bear” which represents a bear, which is filled with flesh.

21. This we see also from the style of his Chassidus, as well as from the establishment of the Tomchei Temmimim Yeshiva.

22. The practical directive from the birthday of the Rebbe Rashab, is to like Him, delve into the study of the Chassidus, and to share it with the world.

23. Our goal is to get the 50th Gateway which Rises beyond all of reality, but simultaneously permeates it.

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