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The Rebbe’s talk – Vayeira 5751

1. There is a story told by the Previous Rebbe that when the Rebbe Rashab was a boy of 4/5 he went to his grandfather the Tzemach Tzeddek and he cried “How come Avrohom received Divine revelation, but this did not happen to us?!”

As this story was revealed to us and it was revealed about a Rebbe, it’s a positive assumption that this story encapsulates his specific Divine contribution.

2. Though in general every Chabad Rebbe has the Quality of being Source, which encompass infinite ramifications, nonetheless, they each shine mainly in a specific dimension.

3. The idea of Chassidus Chabad is to manifest in an emotional realm the esoteric wisdom of Judaism through explaining it in a mechanism that both the mind and the animal Soul appreciate.

4. This manifestation is considerably visible, specifically in the elaborate explanations with practical conclusions, which the Rebbe Rashab delivered his Chassidic teachings.

4. This quality of deep interpretation and practical application was obviously, by each Chabad Rebbe. (Though by each there was a specific Avodah, such as by the Alter Rebbe, making Baalie Teshuvah.)

5. In the Rebbe Rashab’s Torah everything comes into practical application.

6. This is why the Rebbe Rashab was called the Rambam of Chassidus.

7. This is especially visible in the teachings of the Rebbe Rashab which are summarized – kitzurim.

8. Furthermore this is evident in the Tomchei Temmimim, which merges the study of Nigleh and Chassidus.

9. The benefit of studying Chassidus like Nigleh, is, through the depth of the study, one comes to the final conclusion.

10. This includes the general idea of spreading Chassidus to Nigleh, to realize they are one Torah, more particularly to spreading it to oneself.

11. Hence the Rebbe Rashab said, that through the establishment of the Yeshivah, he is creating the mechanism to bring Moshiach.

12. Thus we see through the Rebbe Rashab, the manifestation of the ideals of Chassidus, certainly the spreading of it, and the establishent of Tomchei Temmimim manifested.

13. Now we see how the Rebbe Rashab’s crying to see God, was the manifestation of his lifelong mission.

14. In the revelation of Torah, there is the Halacha part.

15. The manifestation and revelation of God comes through the Torah

16. The greatest revelation of God comes through Pinimius, the inner dimension of Torah.

17. This is even more so in Chassidus Chabad, and especially so in the Rebbe Rashab’s Chassidus.

18. Every Jew, even a child, must desire passionately that God should reveal Himself to him.

19. This revelation should come to us, in our daily life.

20. This desire must be like a child’s cry, coming from the innermost essence.

21. This represents the fundamental core of a Jew’s service, namely, to desire that God should be a fundamental part of our daily lives.

22. This Desire is not only an introduction to Divine service and study, but rather represents the fundamental continuous core.

23. A person must be free from any other desire.

24. When the Rebbe Rashab, was born, the Tzemach Tzeddek said he was born on the date of “the supernal crown” representing his future, crowned as a Jewish leader.

25. Every year the leadership of the Rebbe in Gan Eden, influencing all that he stood for on Earth, increases.

26. Just as the Rebbe Rashab says a Maamer on Earth for his birthday, simalerly he says it in Gan Eden.

27. The reason the Rebbes would say a Maamer, because their entire mission in life, was the revelation of Godliness.

28. The practical message is that from the birthday of the Rebbe Rashab we must imbue ourselves with a deep passionate desire for the revelation of God, expressing itself in increased study of Torah and Mitzvah performance.

29. We should also increase the beautification of our Mitzvahs, as well as sharing the Torah and Chassidus with others.

30. This should be done by increasing the amount of disciples one has, and increasing the Tomchei Temmimim Yeshiva.

31. We should bring as many students to Torah education, particularly to the desire that God should be revealed by him.

32. When the Rebbes come back with Moshiach, we will certainly not only hear Chassidus from them, but the new Torah of Moshiach.

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