Maamer Torah Ohr – Vayeira Eirda

1. philosophers try to understand: if God knows everything, and God is one, wouldn’t that somehow assume a multiplicity & the answer is that though God knows everything, like the ability to have a bird’s-eye view, it doesn’t take away from his oneness.

2. There are angels that carry information to God.

3. It’s effectively there are two visions of God, there is the vision in which that which he knows as a bird’s eye view, hence he takes nothing personal, and forgivness disseminates, whereas the other would be, after one sins, and the angels report, and then there has to be a consequence, Yet if one elevates themselves to the Divine level of infinity, then they too experience it’s infinite dimension.

4. The story of Sidoim teaches us that God’s annihilation of a Nation occurs only if their heinous Behavior is simply irredeemable.