Maamer Pasach Eliyahu – Vayiera Torah Ohr

1. Let us understand what is the essence of the Soul?

The essence of the soul is a pure light undivided into both intellect nor emotions.

2. The capacity that we have for both intelligent thought and emotional feelings are like garments that a person puts their body into.

Like a garment they provide a benefit to the body (soul.)

3. Just as a garment which a person wears for recognition becomes intrinsically related to their identity, similarly our opinions and feelings.

4. This is analogous to how the soul, though being intrinsically separate from the body, nonetheless, the pains of the body affect it.

5. Simalerly, we find that as soon as the person desires to move their hand or the foot, as the body and soul are inextricably bound, this happens.

6. So the ability to think or feel are expressions of the Soul while the soul itself is infinitely Beyond.

7. This can be empirically seen, as the child who is the Same Soul as the adult, feels and understands, so vastly differently.

8. The essence of the Soul is not affected by the intelligence, emotions, nor pains or pleasures of the body.

9. In a similar sense, one can understand the concept of the world Atzilus, when we say that God has “wisdom;” in other words, that this is infinitely not God, rather a tool used.

10. Another analogy is as it states that everything below comes from above, so the sweetness of an apple emanates from various Angelic forces having the source in sweetness or kindness above; nonetheless, one certainly would not say that the Angelic force of kindness above is actually the physical Taste of sweetness below.

11. So just as the sweetness below is analogous but infinitely different to a spiritual sweetness, simalerly, the wisdom from the world of Assiyah to the world of Atzilus.

12. When Chochmah, emerges in the world of a Atzilus, it is a literally a new creation.

13. Hence the concept of wisdom is actually an infinite humility in which God constricts himself.

14. When we speak about the infinite light of God, this refers to a Ray, which descends to create.

15. When we speak about the name of Go, this refers to this infinite light, which is The Descent, to act as a minimized Radiance, so it can be appreciated.

16. Just as the sun is not the light but the source, simalerly, the Infinity of God is the source of the infinite light.

17. The energy of Chessed is the emotion of giving to everyone regardless – the energy of Gevurah is the emotion of only giving to those who one considers worthy, and the emotion of Tiferes is discerning who one should have compassion on.

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