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Are you being scammed by Reform “Judiasim”


if ever there was an oxymoron

the entire purpose of Reform which began in the early 1800’s in Germany was nothing less then what it always was – a Judaism exit

Generally, as the Pew Poll in 2013 on Judaism in America found, the longevity of a family in the reform movement – due to the children leaving Judiasim (Felix Mendelsohn the composer, whose grandfather Moses Mendelsohn, was the father of reform converted out) predicts,  that within two generations it will all but be forgotten.

the sum total of all truth is, that God being in love with you, seeing everything beautiful about you, because the nature of Love Is Such, He desires to have an exclusive partnership with you, which will enable you and Him to feel good about doing good

If you had to sum up God in a single concept it is CARE

Every morning when we wake up and every night before we go to sleep we have to ask ourselves how many people will I / have I smiled at today

Make no mistake about it, according to God, you deserve for everything good and everything bad

As the Rebbe Himself teaches, the limitus test that we are on the correct path, is, that our path is the path of compassion

The only thing that will matter in your life is only what you Think what you Say and what you choose to Do