There are 12 verses that the Rebbe, from all of the Millions if not billions of inspired Jewish wisdom chose

1. The Torah is the personal gift of God to the entire Jewish people!

2. The knowledge,that besides God there is nothing!

3. The knowledge, that just as God freed us from Egypt where no slave managed to escape for 210 years, he can free you from any problem that you are facing.


The knowledge that every Jew is so righteous that they will Merit the infinite Messianic era.

5. The knowledge that it is exceptionally easy – as long as you desire to fulfil everyone of God’s requests.

6. The knowledge that every moment the Creator and Master of the Universe Stands / Hovers above you in particular, and is discerning to what extent you desire to fulfill his will.

7. The knowledge: That not only did the Creator make the world in the beginning, but continuously.

8. The acceptance of the responsibility to teach primarily to your children all of God’s wisdom.

9. The knowledge, that, as God requests, therefore, as long as you try he enables success.

10. The acceptance upon oneself to love unconditionally, in other words, without any judgment, all fellow Jews.

11. The knowledge and acceptance that the Creation of everything is only here as God’s love is you!

12 The ecstasy and joy of knowing, that “when I listen to God, He is filled with an infinite Joy!!!!!!!”

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