Being blessed with an inquisitive mind, being Jewish, so not being stuck in any secular or general societal Paradigm, being blessed with access to the deepest secrets in Jewish mysticism, having traversed pretty much all philosophies, religions, atheism: Life, as all of the greatest, wisest Rabbis, King Solomon – and as one speaker, who I brought to a college campus said, “Jews have been accused of everything, from capitalism to Communism, from Barbarism to asceticism, but no-one, but no-one, was so audacious and foolhardy to accuse Jews of not being smart” and every one of the smartest Jews – and for those who know their writings, know, that they make Einstein look like a fool, they all conclude exactly the same message, that this week’s Torah portion from God teaches: namely, Life gives you the option to follow your instincts or to follow God – in the former, you end up not only “fat, ugly and stupid”, but you can God-forbid become a hater, a sadist, a Nazi

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