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What makes Jews resilient


Just got news, the lady that I was asked to visit and I visited for a few months has passed away, and often the good we do is not noticed, however by these times you hear a little bit… That kindness that we extend, is so significant… it was actually the factor that kept her from committing suicide

In life there are those people who are depressed, those who think that whatever some demigod, or even their religion, group, secularism taught them is dogma, and there are those who seek the truth, and for those who seek the truth, an ancient wisdom hidden within the divine revelation called Kabbalah fundamentally explains that you are God’s love, and just as when you love someone you are there for them; the same applies! however because when you love someone you give them the freedom, so it’s up to YOU to make the first move

Only way to be sane and happy is remember that physically, life is, for many, and for you could be, infinitely worse; and spiritually, life is for many, and can be for you, infinitely better

T’was a battle from the beginning of time: would the force of depravity, of sadism, overcome

So on average I’m expected to live at least to 78 and if that is the case one thing is for sure that I plan on certainly not living those years with resentment

Closed doors have an aura but within the home is only fear – open doors have no Mystique but within the Heart, Is Love