Daily Archives: August 6, 2018

The absolute truth is we all have a desire both to love / be loved, but also to be superior… which though we don’t acknowledge it, obviously means, others are inferior… now when our desire for love based on identification is strong, this has an ability to minimize our desire for Supremacy; however when our desire for love is shattered based on the perception internalized through bullying that “we were unlovable” therefore we remain simply narcissistic

So I’m in Chicago and, there a lot of people with these signs “homeless” asking for money, and it seems like they have the feeling that they need to put on a face of kind of – I don’t want to use the word pathetic but perhaps – begging, while in fact if they put on a happy face, people would be double as inclined to help them

The greatest prayer: dearest God, may I forget all harm ever caused to me – may I never forget the pain of harm, so I can empathize

I just had an amazing experience, as I went to get gas and there was a man standing there and he obviously needed a bit of affection, which I gave him, and he wanted to pay for my gas, and I refused, but he handed the cashier the money and pretty much disappeared and it made me realize: was this man an Angel or human? either way, God Decided that somebody would be paying for my gas today

There are three possible motivations: the motivation to help, the motivation to discipline, which is really subconsciously a mechanism to abuse; and the motivation to selfishly gain

The truth is, that it was truth who made reality, to be discovered by those who seek it

As the case with everything all of our, problems, psychological, stem from either feeling too good about ourselves or too bad