Daily Archives: August 5, 2018

The Baal Shem Tov teaches, that everything we see and hear is a lesson – therefore all the good and all the evil that you’ve ever heard about – you are capable of

The truth is: the only three things that are guaranteed, is obviously the existence of the source of existence, which is not subject to decay; then there is your soul, which is your Consciousness which is the choice of the source, and as the source is infinite, so is his choice; then finally the infinite birth / death, in other words, growth cycles of every soul

Those Jews who effectively thought that the secular world is more desirable taught their children subconsciously to assimilate

The whole story of life is that a human beings by Nature contain great dignity

All you need to do to come right is instead of looking at life in black-and-white, look at it as possibilities

Every generation the souls that come in, are ever more spiritual, because as it states “a generation goes, the generation comes” so we have the benefit of the rectifications that we made in the previous generation and all the generations before, and the souls that are here, now are at the highest level

In simple words, all people either judge no one based on living in a secure environment, judge themselves based on depression, judge others based on living in an insecure judgemental environment; and finally what God brings us to is having good judgement