Quotes on the Parsha (Rebbe, Reah 5737)

Parting Gift

This week’s Torah portion we learn the story about a person who either the court sells into a 6-year servitude or person does it himself in order to be able to have an income, and when the person leaves the Torah commands to give him a present, like a bonus package, which applies in general, that if anybody leaves your company you should give him a gift.


The goal of a teacher is not only to teach but to transfer all of one’s wisdom.


Even when one approaches a fellow who has no concept of spirituality, the Torah, Judaism…, one must not mistakenly think that because I need to start at the beginning I don’t have to bring them up to every Dimension which I have integrated….


When Moshiach comes, God will repay us as the master repays the servant for all the work we’ve done in Exile and He will give us all Revelations in a way that they can be internalized.