Mystical quotes on the Parsha, from the Rebbe (Re-aih 5750)


The month of Elul being the summary of the past year and preparation of the next, so the general service of man, namely, “I am created to serve the Creator” must be assessed.


So the general service of man is that our very being should become one with God, in a way of a deep affectionate love!


This love travels from man to God in the service of Torah and Mitzvahs, and is reciprocated from God to man, infinitely.


The Perfection of the service is that first man turns to God.


The goal of-course is that man with our ego and desires, freely chooses from Love, God. The reciprocal love from God is even greater than had man not first chosen.


The reason man’s Choice is important is because even though God can choose man; unless man chooses God, it doesn’t mean that the relationship has been built.


As the month of Elul is the general expression of the relationship between man and God; therefore, the month of Elul is when man turns to God, and that reciprocation happens in the month of Tishrei.


As this evokes God’s essential Love; Therefore as all blessings emanate from God’s Essence, hence, though this process may take a while, it is the greatest.


This week’s Torah portion Re-ah, means, See! this teaches, that just as the difference between seeing and hearing, that “seeing is believing” and the person who sees something is certain and becomes absolutely convinced of the reality of what he saw, simalerly, must one be certain and absolutely convinced of the Divine reality.


Additionally the Torah teaching of See, is, that, that which is true and certain, profound and delicious, to us; must be exclusively the Divine.


By Nature the way God made reality is that our eye believes what it sees; and because it sees the physical, it’s convinced that the physical world is real; and because it doesn’t see the spiritual, the spiritual world is amorphous; and our job, through using our intelligence – knowing that all existence, not only is sourced in A Higher Being, but is continuously recreated; and hence relative to its source, actually has no existence! and therefore we begin to realize, that what we can’t see, is what we should believe, more permanently in!


The “believing is seeing” – in other words, the ability to conceptualize to the point of concretising the Divine, and knowing that the only reality that is permanent and true! is the Divine; as opposed to the physical – is the millennial goal.


And though the physical may be to our perception very real, at the same time a Jew knows, that our life force and the life-force of all matter (energy = matter) is only Divine.


For example, in relation to time… and you understand that time is a Divine creation, as the Gematriah (numerical value) of God’s name adds up to time or place, so the place of reality is actually the Divine.


Furthermore a Jew realizes that it is not the low level of ElokiM that is in charge of creation, rather, it is the essence of God himself.


This is also the Hebrew word for secret / Roz is the word for oir / light, that we understand that behind the darkness is the infinite light.


Now this means not that the world doesn’t exist, nor man; rather, it means, that we understand that man is not a separate entity to the invisible force.


Furthermore the same principle applies that when we see the world, we do not think that this is separate from the Divine Force – furthermore when we see aspects of the world, like the stars, it reminds us that the Jews were foretold to be as numerous as the Stars, when we see the moon, it tells us about the birth cycles of the Jewish Nation.


Furthermore the fact that we had this Consciousness “yesterday” or at the giving of the Torah, when God revealed clearly that all is God; must be renewed consistently, at least on a daily basis.


The completion of man’s service to God is realizing that in fact his soul as the kabbalists call it Yechidiah, the essence of all, and the essence of you, which must then influence the expression of you – that every part of you unites with your Divine Essence.


When we reveal that our Essence is God, we are then enableD to reveal this a. in the world, and b. by all of humanity.


The mechanism used to connect strongly to our Divine Essence is the Torah; for God and his Torah are one – furthermore, this is an expression of the theme, for the person studying Torah is using an individual mind, yet simultaneously incorporating the Divine.


This then leads to the true love, for when we understand that our being is God, and the fellow person’s being is God, then when we have love for them, it is not an external love, but it is exactly as the love that we have for ourselves, and we are willing to do everything for them, as we would do for self.


Not only must we bring this Consciousness to ourself, but we must certainly bring it to our family, to our fellow Jews, and during the month of Elul, to all who we meet.


Through understanding this oneself, one can better explain it, and furthermore, through explaining it, one better understands it.


We are literally on the threshold of the complete and Final Redemption, particularly seeing that the signs that our sages foretold, including the sign said in Yalkut Shimoinie, have come to pass, namely “Rabbi YitzchoK said, ‘the year that the Moshiach will be revealed, all the nations of the world will fight one another, the King of Persia will fight an Arab King, and the Arab King will go to Aram to take advice, and all the nations of the world will be confused and worried and anxious, and the Jewish people will be worried and they will say ‘where do we derive help from?’ and He will say ‘my children, do not be afraid, everything that I have done, I have done only for you! why are you afraid? Do not be afraid; The time of your Redemption has arrived! And this Redemption will not be like the previous redemptions, because previous redemptions were followed by suffering and Exile; but this Redemption, you won’t have any more suffering, and no more exiles; and then Yalkut Shimoini continues, our Rabbi say, ‘the hour that the King Moshiach comes, he stands on the roof of the Holy Temple, and he says to the Jewish people “Humble ones the time of redemption has come!””


May this immediately occur to us, that we have nothing to fear, and we immediately see King Moshiach, standing on the roof of the Beis Hamikdosh, saying “humble ones, the time for your Redemption already was here!”


What westerners coming from logical premises, religious or non-religious don’t get, is that Islam coming from literally nutcase which is obvious by Anyone who reads the Koran, beginning with the common Islamic Doctrine that Muhammad said that “if any contradiction is found in this book, it is not true” and the book contradicts itself even within the same sentences! never mind doctrines, such as originally Muhammad said ‘there is no coercion in religion’ and then he called 30 times to kill Jews and Christians!