In the beginning, there was an infinite, which means non-dimensional, being – sort of like you (but with zero limitation) “I have a dream – I can foresee the most beautiful, loving, wonderful, kind, compassionate, considerate, noble, truth-seeking, people” – and in this vision – You know, being infinite… the moment you want, it happens – a chain reaction of infinite proportions, with infinite dimensions, collating, intersecting, mutually interconnected, both logical and illogical, both true (existing – to the observer) and non-existence, was formed – And it culminates, as it does, when in the modern era of licentious (hence not having subliminal resentment, hence delusional thinking – for all desires create fantasies (for example, lust creates beauty – hate creates ugly etc. etc.) in the pursuit of the meaning and purpose – we would discover the infinite

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