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When we think how sick and evil many muslims and arabs behave – on one hand literally calling for the death of everyone, and yet on the other claiming how evil anyone who might kill one of them – as everything is a lesson – so say a thousand times (until you really don’t have to) “I am not a victim” “I am not a victim” (for it is this sense of victimization that creates a license to kill, while being justified.)

Without sacrifice???!

As I look back, traversing my ups and downs – in fact, fear, simply snowballs

God as opposed to the Satan, desires that we love, not hate one another

She / he who follows their society, is either naive, or cruel

How do kind peoepl – you know by nature we are compassionate – become sadistic? – the answer is as the primary book of Jewish mysticism teaches, we are not one but two – we are both a soul of God which is where love, compassion, sacrifice (God qualities) emanate from) and we are also a soul of evil (where selfishness, including egotism, which causes anger (for a humble person expects not – however, as our arrogance hence expectation to get our way increases, so does our anger, hence hate; as well as jealousy, hence random hate – this is why the same people who are cruel or insensitive (as we see, say in New-York, (which has a big city callousness) after 9/11, the humility induced (for nothing as humbling as almost dying) creates sensitivity – so my message to the world – Don’t make God make you humble – He’s done it before – consider your own stupidity (so you’ll become humble.njb)

the critical factor to being a professor (not in hard sciences but theoretics) arrogance